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 Quest Saga Special: Episode 20

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PostSubject: Quest Saga Special: Episode 20   Quest Saga Special: Episode 20 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2007 12:23 pm

Episode 20: Ultima, The Master Dragon Guardian

Narrater: Zaya and the others are resting after winning against the dragon guardian, Terra.

Duo: That rest was good.

Zaya: I am fully recharged now.

Nightshade: Well let's get going then. We have lots to do.

Nanoob accusingly: Like what?

Duo defending Nightshade: Enough, Nanoob! You've been acting strange lately and I want to know why.

Nanoob: Nightshade and Spectra are hiding something.

Zaya: What are you talking about?

Nanoob: Don't you think that it's a bit odd that they know so much about the dragon guardians?

Zaya: I haven't really thought about that.

Nightshade: Nanoob is right. We are hiding something.

Spectra: But don't think of it as being bad.

Nanoob: I'm sorry if that's how it seems. I didn't really think that it was something bad.

Nightshade: That's alright. You were just being protective of you friends.

Spectra: After all, you are the guardian angel.

Zaya: So what is your secret?

Nightshade: Remember when I told you that I was mainly attracted to you because Zaya beet Anu and got his first dragonball?

Zaya: Yeh, we remember that.

Nightshade: I also said that when you beet one dragon guardian, the others will come to you.

Duo suprised: Wait! Are you saying that...

Spectra: We are also dragon guardians.

Zaya taking a battle stance: So that's how it is? Then let's go.

Nightshade and Spectra hand Zaya there dragonballs.

Zaya confused: Wait. What just happened?

Spectra: You have already proven youself more that enough times.

Nightshade: She's right. I am Nightshade, of the light. I am the loyalty dragon guardian. You have proved that you are very loyal to you friends.

Spectra: And several times, you have done it with your spirit and will power. I am Spectra, of the light. I am the spirit dragon guardian.

Zaya: Well I'm glad that I won't have to fight my friends. I would held back on you and probably would have lost.

Nightshade: Like I said, you are loyal to your friends. You will need your energy in order to fight the last dragon guardian. There has only been one other person who has ever beeten him. You have to prove everything that you proved to the other dragon gaurdians.

Zaya: Who is he?

Someone sneeks from behind Zaya.

???: I am Ultima. I am the master dragon guardian.

Zaya taking a battle stance: I won't go easy on you.

Ultima: Good because if you do, you will surely loose.

<fight scene>
Zaya prepares to charge toward Ultima. But before he does, Ultima stikes him down. Zaya gets back up and shoots one million ki blasts at Ultima all at once, but Ultima dodges them all. Zaya transforms into mecha super saiyan 3 and shoots five billion ki blasts in under one second. Ultima dodges one million of them, deflects fifty million of them, blocks two hundred fifty million of them, and the rest hit Ultima directly.

Zaya and Ultima thinking: Impressive!

Ultima: You're pretty good. But not good enough.

Zaya: You're pretty good yourself.

Forests begins to grow. Ultima is taking control of nature. Spears begin forming from the vines and strike at Zaya. Zaya dodges each attack when senses another energy forming in the vines other than the vines striking at him.

Zaya thinking: There's another energy forming. There at the vines near Nanoob. Ultima is trying to get me away from the others. He's going to kill Nanoob!

The vine spear launchs toward Nanoob. Zaya shot like a bolt of lightning to intercept the spear. That's when Tonya arives.

Tonya: That's true speed.

Zaya pushs Nanoob out of the way. But the spear struck through Zaya's power core.

Nightshade: That's also true loyalty.

The energy drains from Zaya. He falls to his knees and reverts to mecha super saiyan 2, then 1, then back to his base form. Then Zaya collapses onto the ground.

Computerized voice: System failure.

Nightshade: He risked his own life to save another.

Nanoob: It is odd saying he "risked his life" about an android.

Duo crying: He's d-dead? It can't be!

Ultima: I am impressed that you managed to make it this far. You will be remembered.

Spectra: I wouldn't count him out just yet.

Nanoob: What do you mean?

Computerized voice: System reactivated.

Zaya began to take control of the plants. That's when Terra came. The spear that was struck through Zaya's power is removed. He slowly gets back to his feet.

Ultima suprised: I don't believe it!

Spectra: Never under estimate the power of the will.

Zaya transforms into mecha super saiyan.

Zaya: I will not give up.

Zaya transforms into mecha super saiyan 2.

Zaya: I will not fail.

Zaya transforms into mecha super saiyan 3.

Zaya: I am Zaya, the saiyan android. The only android with a soul. Aaahh!!!

Zaya begins powering up. Lightning is surrounding him like a thunderstorm. Storm clouds begin filling the sky. A bolt of lightning stikes down on Zaya. That's when Cindra arives. When the lightning was gone, Zaya was in a new form. He has red hair and brown fur. Broken wires were sticking out of his body.

Computerized voice: Mecha super saiyan 4. A mecha super saiyan level beyond mecha super saiyan 3.

Zaya: I am Zaya and I will succeed!

Duo in shock: How is he alive?!

Spectra: Zaya is no longer using physical strengh. He doesn't have any left. He is acting on pure will alone now.

Duo: Well it's not the first time he suprised me.

Ultima charges towards Zaya. But Zaya dodges so fast, it didn't seem like he moved at all.

Terra suprised: Ultima passed right through Zaya!

Tonya: Now that's what I call speed.

Zaya gathering electricity in his fist: It's time to end. Lightning fist!!!

Zaya jumps into the air. His fist is fully engulfed in electricity. Zaya strikes down in a bolt of lightning directly on Ultima. That's when Anu arives.

Ultima weakened: E-enough. You win.

Ultima gets up and hands Zaya the one star dragonball. But before Zaya could take the ball, he collapses and reverts back to his base form.

Anu: Here, let me help.

Anu transforms into his electrical form.

Anu: I can keep Zaya powered up

Zaya getting up: Thanks, Anu. Now what?

Ultima: We call the eternal dragon. Arise Ellegro and grant Zaya's wish!

The entire sky becomes as dark as night. Then a giant dragon appears from the dragonballs.

Nanoob: He's enormous!

Nightshade: I never can get used to that

Ellegro: You have summoned me. That meens that you are quite gifted. I shale grant you one wish.

Zaya: I wish for all of my memory files to be opened!

Ellegro: I cannot do that.

Anu: But you have the power to alter reality. Why can't you grant a wisg as simple as that.

Ellegro: Because he is creating his own memory files. I cannot files that do not exist yet.

Duo: Well that was unexpected.

Zaya: Then what else should I wish for? If I were to ask to go to a planet, would I have to give you the name of that planet?

Ellegro: Yes you would.

Zaya: Well I guess that I wish for the saiyan race to be revived. I have no other wish for myself.

Ellegro: Your wish has been granted. Before I leave I offer you a choice. Do you choose to become the new master dragon guardian?

Zaya: It would be an honor.

Ellegro: So be it.

Zaya's injuries disappear.

Ellegro: You are now Zaya, the master dragon guardian. Farewell.

Ellegro vanishes and each of the dragonballs return to their owners and the one star ball to it's new owner, Zaya.

Ultima: There was only one other who succeeded. But because of his wish, he became a dragon guardian, but not the master dragon guardian.

Nightshade: When I saved Duo when he was little, I already had five of the silver star dragonballs. I felt horrible that I wasn't able to save his parents. When I beet Ultima and called for Ellegro, my wish was to become the ultimate protecter. That is how I became the loyalty guardian.

Duo filled with emotions: You really did want to save my parents two, didn't you.

Nightshade: Yes I did.

Duo hugs Nightshade and cries.

Nanoob: Well I think that it is time to go our seporate ways. I have to go back to my home world. Good bye.

Zaya: Good bye sounds like we will never se each other again. How about untill next time.

Nanoob: That sounds good.

Duo: What about me?

Nanoob: You are welcome to come stay with me if you'd like.

Duo: Thanks.

Zaya: I will continue my journey as well. My mecha super saiyan 4 form should get me where I want to go in less than a year.

Nanoob: Well then goo...untill next time. Let's go, Duo.

Duo: I'll see you again some time, Zaya.

Zaya: I'll be on my way towards that planet.

Nanoob: Well don't let us stop you.

As Nanoob is about to get onto the ship, he sees somebody in the distance looking back at him.

Nanoob thinking: Is that Esrever? Perhaps there is still some good in him.

Duo: Are you okay, Nanoob?

Nanoob taken out of a daze: What? Oh yeh, I'm okay.

Nanoob and Duo take off in the ship. Zaya transforms into mecha super saiyan 4 and takes off in the direction of the planet he was searching for.

Narrater: Zaya has split up from the others in search for the planet that he sensed the saiyan energy from. But now he goes as the Zaya, the master dragon guardian.
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Quest Saga Special: Episode 20
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