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 Zion Saga

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PostSubject: Zion Saga   Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:09 pm


This story is about a thirteen year old boy named Alec. Alec has a rough life, so he created an imaginary world known as Zion. When things get to rough for Alec to handle, he retreats to Zion.

But what Alec didn't know is that the Zion's gates are more than what they seem...
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Male Number of posts : 198
Age : 32
Location : Cardiff, California
Hobbies : Video games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Forums
Registration date : 2007-02-13

PostSubject: Re: Zion Saga   Wed Mar 07, 2007 4:26 pm

Episode 1: Zion's Gates

Alec is in fourth period gym class jogging when the bully, Evan, jogs up next to Alec.

Evan: Hey, freak.

Alec: Please, just leave.

Evan: Okay. Have a nice trip.

Evan trips Alec.

Evan laughing: See you next fall. Ha ha ha.

Coach Kryzack goes to Alec.

Coach Kryzack: Get up. I will not tollerate you taking breaks all of the time.

Alec: But Evan...

Coach Kryzack interrupting Alec: Stop making excuses. Move! Move! Move!

Alec gets back up and resumes jogging. Once gym class ends, Alec goes to his locker to get ready for history (his worst subject) when Evan comes.

Evan: Hey, freak, it's time to lock up.

Evan shoves Alec into his locker and locks him in.

Alec yelling: Hey, let me out!

Evan: Sorry, but I don't know the combination to your locker. Ha ha ha ha.

The bell for fifth period rings.

Alec thinking: I have to get away. Zion's gates, take me to Zion!

Alec is taken away to his fantasy world. His outfit changes into a different outfit of his own fantasy. He carries two rusty swords that can link together. He has black gloves with the fingers cut out and a chainmail vest that covers his shirt. He ends up in a beautiful field surrounded by a forest. The grass is a blue-green. There is a crystal clear river near by. Then he saw her. A you girl about his own age with angel wings.

Winged girl: Hi. What's your name?

Alec: My name is Alec. What's yours?

Winged girl: Tina. Why do you look so sad, Alec?

Alec: Well I came here to get away from a bad situation. But when I go back, I'll still be in that situation.

Tina: Why do you have to go back? Why can't you stay here?

Alec: Because this world is just my fantasy. I can't live in a fantasy for the rest of my life. I feel better now. I'm going back.

Tina: It was nice to meet you.

Alec thinking: Zion's gates, take me home!

Alec was back in his original outfit and in his locker when somebody unlocks it and lets him out.

Alec: Thank you. But how did you know my locker comb...

When Alec looks up he saw Tina

Alec confused: are you here?!

Tina: I came through Zion's gate with you.

Alec: But how can my fantasy become part of reallity?!

Tina: I don't know.
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Male Number of posts : 198
Age : 32
Location : Cardiff, California
Hobbies : Video games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Forums
Registration date : 2007-02-13

PostSubject: Re: Zion Saga   Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:43 pm

Episode 2: Fantasy and Reality Unite

Alec: There's nobody in the halls now, but thos wings are going to make you stick out.

Tina: Don't people here have wings?

Alec: No. Just in case you're wondering, this is reality. I do have a couple friends that I can trust with a secret like this. One of them is in my class. his name is Raymond. The other one has been my best friend since I was three. Her name is Trisha.

Just then, Raymond walks around the corner while going to the bathroom when he sees Tina.

Raymond: Hi, Ale...uh...Alec, she?

Alec: It's kind of hard to explain because I'm having a hard time believing it myself. But I can trust you with a secret like this, right?

Raymond: If I told anybody, I don't think they'd believe me anyway.

Alec: She is from a fantasy world that I created.

Tina: My name is Tina.

Raymond: Usually I wouldn't believe something like this. But it's hard not to when it's standing right in front of you.

Tina: If I could come here to reality with you, do you think that you could bring Raymond to Zion?

Raymond: What's Zion?

Alec: Zion is the fantasy world where Tina is from.

Tina: Well try and see if you can take Raymond to Zion.

Alec: Alright. Zion's gates, take us to Zion.

Alec, Tina, and Raymond were taken to where Alec met Tina. Alec was back in his fantasy outfit of a swordsman with his to rusty swords. Raymond's outfit changed into a black robe, a pointed hat, and a staff. He is a sorcerer.

Raymond: This place is increadible! Is this Zion?

Tina: Yes it is.

Raymond: How can others come into your fantasy?

???: Because there is more to Zion's gates than what they seem.

The three of them turn around and saw a lion with tiger stripes.

Raymond: Did you just talk?!

???: Yes I did.

Alec: What are you?

???: I am a liger. My name is Leo.

Alec: I am Alec.

Tina: My name is Tina.

Raymond: And Raymond is my name.

Leo: Zion's gates are the doorways into the imagination. They are also the doorways out of the imagination. Alec, you are the one who opened Zion's gates.
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Male Number of posts : 198
Age : 32
Location : Cardiff, California
Hobbies : Video games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Forums
Registration date : 2007-02-13

PostSubject: Re: Zion Saga   Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:43 pm

Episode 3: The Storm Demon Brothers

Leo: Fantasy can now become reality. And also reality can now become fantasy.

Alec: So fantasy and reality are one?

Leo: No. But they are becoming intertwined. And the more people travel through Zion's gates, the more intertwined they will become. And if something isn't done, fantasy and reality will eventually become one.

A giant storm cloud blocks out the sun.

Raymond: Those storm clouds don't look to inviting.

Leo: That is because they are no ordinary storm clouds. These clouds are from the storm demon brothers.

Alec: Who are the storm demon brothers?

Leo: Two twins who can cause deadly storms to come on a beautiful clear day.

A bolt of lightning strikes the ground. From the lightning, two little boys appear. One of them was very thin. He has blond hair and yellow eyes. He is surrounded with lightning. The other one was bulky. He had black hair and black eyes.

Leo: Stryker, of the lightning and Boomer, of the thunder.

Alec laughing: These two little kids cause destruction?

A bolt of lightning struck right in front of Alec knocking him back.

Stryker: How dare you mock us!

Boomer: Have we heard correctly? Zion's gates have been opened?

Alec taking out one of his rusty swords: Well you're not getting through!

Stryker laughing: Ha ha ha ha! Do you really think that you can harm me with that poor excuse for a sword? That thing couldn't even cut through melted butter!

Alec: We'll see about that!

Alec swings his sword at Sryker, but he dodges it with lightning speed.

Leo: Raymond, you are a sorcerer, aren't you? Do something! And Alec, you are a swordsman!

Alec: But these swords are all rusty. Like Stryker said, these swords couldn't even cut through melted butter.

Raymond: And I don't know any magic.

Leo: When you are in Zion, you come as your subconcious self. So why can't you use your abilities?

Boomer: It would be boring to fight someone who can't even fight back.

Stryker: In the meentime, we're going to have some fun in reality. Zion's gates, take us to Earth!

Stryker and Boomer are transported to reality leaving the others confused.

Alec: How can they go through Zion's gates on their own?!

Leo: You are not the only one who can go through Zion's gates, Alec. Whether they are from reality or fantasy, Zion's gates allow anybody to travel through if they know how.

Raymond: Well we have to stop them somehow! Zion's gates, take us home!

Alec, Raymond, Tina, and Leo were all transported to reality. But they realized that they had more. Alec still had his rusty swords and Raymond still had his sorcerers staff.

Raymond: Hey, I still have my staff. And you still your swords.

Alec: What happened?

Leo: Like I said before, the more people use Zion's gates, the more fantasy and reality become intertwined.

Alec: How long would it take for fantasy and reality to become one?

Leo: It will take a while. There is a way to stop it though. It is a magic spell.

Alec: That's your department, Raymond.

Raymond: But how do I learn how to use magic?

All of a sudden, a large black book fellout of Alec's locker. The title of the book was "Book of Sorcery, Beginner Level: Elements"

Tina: A spell book!

Raymond opens up the book, but was disapointed at what he saw.

Raymond: There's nothing writen down.

Leo: The spells will appear when you are ready.

Alec: We're going to need more firepower. Trisha is my friend and is brave. She would be a good addition to our team. And hopefully I will find out what goood these rusty swords are for.
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PostSubject: Re: Zion Saga   

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Zion Saga
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