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 Zaya Saga

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PostSubject: Zaya Saga   Zaya Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 11:02 am

Episode 14:Goku Return

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Gohan defeated Coolza and bury him seeing his kind side thus peace return to New Namek.

Meanwhile on Earth,Vegeta jr kick a can into a nearby rubbish bin.

Vegeta jr:Damn it.Curse that Gohan.Who do he think he is.

Goku jr:Excuse me Vegeta.But Gohan is far superior than you.

Vegeta jr:But it is his fault that we are this bore.Don't tell you do not feel the same way.I know what you are thinking since we are best friend when we are only 3.

Goku jr:I agree but I don't think great grandfather do this without a reason.

Vegeta jr:And may I ask what sort of reason he tell us.Protect Earth while we are gone.What nonsense this that.

Goku jr look down on the ground unable to give a excuse.Just then,a explosion is heard.

Goku jr:Vegeta guess that is the answer to you question.

Both Goku jr and Vegeta jr then took off to where the explosion is.When they got there,the entire city is in fire.Surprisingly,both the boys found out not even one person is hurt.While Vegeta jr is thinking how is this possible,Goku jr saw a person's shadow among the fire.

Goku jr:Vegeta think is that the person who causes all this

Vegeta jr:For once Goku,I think you are right.

The someone is starting to walk toward Vegeta jr and Goku jr.he is person who around 18 that look like Gogeta wearing a black shirt and blue jean.

Vegeta jr:Who are you.

???:I am Zaya,a saiyan

Goku jr:Vegeta I thought we are the only saiyan that survive in the whole universe.

Vegeta jr:So do I.

Zaya:Excuse me,I not just a ordinary saiyan.I am a saiyan

Vegeta jr:Goku maybe he is your great great grandfather or Broly's brother.

Goku jr:How do you get that theory Vegeta.

Vegeta jr:It is obvious that he is taking rubbish so he is a idiot.

Goku jr:Ah huh

Vegeta jr:And the only saiyan that are idiot is Broly and that great great grandfather of your.

Goku jr:I see.You are a genius Vegeta.

Vegeta jr:You don't have to tell me.


Goku jr and Vegeta jr frighten:Oh OK.

Zaya:Like I said,I am not a ordinary saiyan.I am a saiyan android.

Goku jr:A saiyan

Vegeta jr finish the rest of the sentence:Anrdroid.

Zaya:That right.Now can you be so kind to give me a workout.

Goku jr and Vegeta jr:More than gladly.

*fight secne*
Goku jr charge at Zaya trying to punch but Zaya just take it into the air.Vegeta jr then try to launch a assult from Zaya's back.Anticipating this move,Zaya eblow Vegeta jr's gut without looking at him causing Vegeta jr to fell all the way down.

Vegeta jr:Goku he is unbelievable.

Goku jr: Let pull out all the stop.

Goku jr and Vegeta jr power up to Super Saiyan 2 and fuse.

SSJ2 Gogeta jr:Let go.

Gogeta jr fly all the way to Zaya and launch a fury assult of 100 000 punches and kicks in one second.Zaya dodge all the attack and kick him in the face causing him to defuse.


Just as Zaya to finish the two boys,someone get them out of the way.

Zaya:Who are you?

Goku jr before faint:Great great grandfather.

Vegeta jr before faint:So this is the legendary Goku.

Narrator:At last Goku has return to Earth but will even his power able to take out Zaya.Don't miss the episode of Dragonball GP.
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Battle Ready
Battle Ready

Male Number of posts : 77
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-03-15

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PostSubject: Re: Zaya Saga   Zaya Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 11:04 am

Episode 15:Goku vs Zaya

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,a saiyan android called Zaya attack planet Earth.Goku jr and Vegeta jr team up againist but in vain.Just about the two of them is finish,Goku has once again return to Earth to save them.

Goku go into his fighting stance:Let go

Zaya thinking:My senser tell me his power level is very high.

Zaya:Very well

*fight scene*
Zaya charge at Goku trying to thrust him from the left.Atticipating this move,Goku bend down and kick him in the chin.However what it hit is a after image of Zaya.The next moment he know,Goku was kick to a nearby building by Zaya and building is destroy due to impact cause when Goku crash onto it.

Goku thinking:This guy is incredible.Guess I have to take it to the next level.

Goku power up to his super saiyan form.

Goku:Let get this show on the road.

Zaya:As you wish.

Goku fly to the air and fire countless of ki blasts at Zaya.Zaya although being hit by the ki blasts,is not hit even the slightest bit.Goku is shock by the discovery causing him to stop firing ki blasts.

Goku thinking:Shoot!I can''t believe super saiyan is unable to stop him.Time to pull out all the stop.

Goku screaming powering up to super saiyan 4:AAAAHHHH

Zaya thinking:All that power.At last a worthy opponent.

Goku moving into his fighting stance:Time to end this.

Zaya:Guess what I am thinking the same thing.

*fight scene*
Goku rush to Zaya and have a struggle pushing each other.Zaya decided to knee Goku but Goku saw this coming and counter it with his knee.Slowly,both warrior started to battle knee to knee while flying to the air at the same time.At the midair,Zaya decided to fire a few ki blasts which turn around Goku.However,this is stop when Goku create a energy barriar to protect him.Zaya finally free his hand and grab Goku's leg and throw down.When Goku landed,he realise that he is no match againist Zaya.

Goku:Dammit.I am unable to defeat.Spirt Bomb will take too long.Ka Me

It was at this time,Goku jr and Vegeta jr wake up.

Goku jr:Vegeta do you know what is happening.

Vegeta jr:How do you expect me to know when I just regain my consciousness,moron.

Zaya:It seem that the young boys is awake but they are no threat.

Zaya charge a energy ball in his hand.

Goku charging his kamehameha wave:Ha Me

Zaya:Go for it.

Goku use his instant transmission to teleport above Zaya:HHHAAA

Zaya suddenly turn and fire his energy ball which become a white in colour energy beam.Zaya's energy beam overpower Goku's kamehameha wave and deal a fairly serious damage.Zaya fly above Goku and kick sending Goku back to earth creating another crater.Being tired and weak from the fight,Goku went back to his base form.What is more shocking,Goku's tail is cut off from the energy beam Zaya fire.

Goku:So this is how it end.

Zaya fire a energy twice as strong than the one he fire on Goku.However,someone defect the energy beam back to the sky.And the someone is Gohan who came back to Earth a few second ago.

Narrator:Gohan once again step on Earth's firm ground but what this Gohan mystic form is no match for Zaya mecha super saiyan 2.Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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Battle Ready
Battle Ready

Male Number of posts : 77
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-03-15

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PostSubject: Re: Zaya Saga   Zaya Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 11:04 am

Episode 16:Gohan vs Zaya

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Goku battle Zaya in hope to save Goku jr and Vegeta jr but even in his Super saiyan 4,he is no match for Zaya.However,when all hope seem to be lost Gohan arrive to save Goku,Goku jr and Vegeta jr in the nick of time.

Zaya:What is this?Another someone to prevent me from defeating them.

Gohan:That correct....err whoever you are.

Zaya:The name Zaya,the saiyan android.

Hikuro checking Goku jr and Vegeta jr:Well someone introduce himself before we ask him.Thing like hardly occur at Namek right sis.

Hikari checking on Goku:I agree brother.This guy have much more manner than Coolza and his minon.

Goku:Who is this Coolza you guy are talking.

Gohan:Father,Coolza is Cooler and Freeza youngest brother.

Goku:Those two have a brother.Mind filling the detail Gohan.

Gohan: Sure father.It start with a few days ago whe


Gohan:O.K we will fight but not in these place.

Zaya:I agree the people live at here will get hurt.

Gohan:Follow me then.

Gohan and Zaya is about to take when Goku say something to Gohan.

Goku:Be careful my son.His power is nothing we ever face before.

Gohan:I will father.

With that,Gohan together with Zaya took off.

Gohan and Zaya landed the barren wasteland.

Gohan power up to super saiyan:Shall we.

Zaya:Stop asking the obvious.

*fight scene*
Gohan charge at Zaya gathering energy for a energy punch.Zaya not thinking Gohan would make such a move is caught off guard.The damage is strong to send him to crash into a nearby island.

Zaya powering to a mecha super saiyan:At last a worthy oppnent.Perhap he is the answer to my existen.To defeat him is my purpose.

Zaya fly to the air fire millons or billons of ki blasts all lock on Gohan.When all the smoke and dust is clear,Gohan is inside a energy shield in his super saiyan 2 form.

Gohan:Wow he is awesome.

Gohan and Zaya charge toward each other with 10,000,000 punches and kicks in less than a second.After one minute,Gohan is winning.

Zaya:Gohan my sencer is defecting you are not using your full power.I think it is time to settle things once and for all.

Gohan:Good idea.AAAHHH

Gohan powering to his mystic form and Zaya is powering to a mecha super saiyan 2.The two powers shaking the planet so violently that Earth almost tear apart.

Zaya:You no match for me now.

Gohan:What make you so sure.You still in super saiyan level so your power at most increase by 4 times.

Zaya:For normal saiyan.Even though that I am only one level up,my power increase 200 times so our power is same.However,I have much more experience than you.Beside if I am correct,you regain this form not too long ago.I been using this form for over 200 years.

Gohan thinking:Shoot.Even though,I been using the supreme time
chamber,it increase power not battle experience.
*fight scene*
Zaya rush to Gohan delivering a blow.Gohan after being hit by the attack,channel all the energy he have into a energy blast he create.

Gohan:Mystic bang attack.

The attack send Zaya to the otherside of the wasteland also prevent Gohan from dying by the blow,however he can no longer move for a minute.

Narrator:Oh no.Will Gohan be kill by Zaya.Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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Battle Ready

Male Number of posts : 77
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-03-15

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PostSubject: Re: Zaya Saga   Zaya Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 11:05 am

Episode 17:Power beyord Mystic,Supreme Mystic

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Gohan face off againist Zaya and have the upper hand.However,when the two warriors power up to their maximum,Gohan lost to Zaya due to the lack of experience.

Zaya:Why did you do that for?Didn't you know you will still die in the end.

Gohan:Sure I know but as long I am alive,I will not give up.

Zaya:Is that so.But in the end it doesn't even matter.

Zaya is about to fire the attack but Goku in his super saiyan 3 form knock him away.


Hikari:Brother ready to fuse.

Hikuro wearing the improve version of potara earring:Ready as alway Hikari.

There is a flash of light and in between Hikari and Hikuro stood Hikaro.

Hikaro in an arrogent voice:Say your prayer,Zaya.

Vegeta jr:Our turn Vegeta.

Vegeta jr and Goku jr power up to super saiyan 2.

Vegeta jr and Goku jr:Fffuuusss sion HA

Gogeta jr:Let get this over with.

Zaya:Why don't they just give up.

*fight scene*
Hikaro fires 100,000 ki blasts in a second at Zaya's head.Zaya defect the attack to Gogeta jr.Gogeta jr fire a energy beam to counter the attack.Goku,Gogeta jr and Hikuro surround Zaya and launch a fury assult on Zaya.Zaya block all the move with ease and deliver a elbow each at their heart.The blow hurt them so badly that all of them change back to their base form and Gogeta jr is defuse unconscious.

Gohan standing up since one minute has pass:No,

At that moment,Gohan felt a rush of pain and rage at his heart.Yelling Gohan felt great power coming to him.Gohan transform.His muscle increase in size,eye become gold then his aura become light blue.

Zaya:What in the world is going on?

Gohan:I will never forget you,ZAYA.

Gohan charge up his strongest energy beam.

Gohan:Supreme Kamemasenko

Supreme Kamemasenko is so deadly that Zaya is send back to his spaceship(which is in the middle of nowhere)in his base form.Using his reminding energy,Zaya enter his spaceship and key in the button to return back to where he come from.

Gohan still in the position when fire the Supreme Kamemasenko:At last it is finally over.

Gohan change back to his base form and collapse due to exhaustion.

Narrator:So is everything finally over.Why did Goku return back to Earth in the first place.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP

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Battle Ready
Battle Ready

Male Number of posts : 77
Age : 25
Registration date : 2007-03-15

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PostSubject: Re: Zaya Saga   Zaya Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 11:07 am

Episode 18:Zaya is a ally

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Gohan somehow go Supreme Mystic form overpower Zaya easily.However fainted due to exhaustion.

At the Supreme Kai planet,

When Gohan open his eyes,he saw Shin healing him.

Hikari:Gohan you have come to around.At the same time,Goku is wolfing down his food

Hikuro:At last.In case you don't know,my sis is even more worry about you than Goku worry you.I think she have a crush on you.

Gohan quickly protest:But I marry.

Hikuro:Just marry 1 more time.

Hikari blush at the comment.

Goku jr:I not that worry Hikuro.

Vegeta jr:It is your great great grandfather Hikuro is refering to.I think it is best to call you jr than Goku to avoid confusion.

Meanwhile at one Zaya conquer planet,Planet Kimeno

Zaya is in a recovering chamber.

Hunchman#1:Never in my life I see lord Zaya like that.

Hunchman#2:Let destroy Earth.

Hunchman#1:Then let get going.

Then,the two hunchmans led an army of soldiers into a spaceship and depart.

Zaya thinking in the recovering chamber:Those fools.As soon I am recover I will stop them.

Supreme Kai planet,

Gohan:Someone lead an attack on Earth.

Hikari:Actually,there is no hurry.

Gohan:What do you mean?

Hikuro:All those years the earthlings have at least power level near Nappa.

Elder Kai holding his crystal ball to prove to Gohan.All of a sudden,Zaya appear to stop the battle.

The Z-fighters through Goku(using instant transmission)get back on Earth.

Vegeta jr:What do you want,Zaya?

Zaya:I want to stop the battle.

Hikuro:Or do you wish to fight us.

Zaya:I will not fight.All of you prove to be worthy to be a ally of me.Will you let me to help you?

Gohan put out his left hand:More than gladly.

And thus Zaya join the Z-fighters.

Goku jr:Goku why do come back in the first.

Vegeta jr:Yeah how come.

Goku:The reason I am back because

Whatever Goku want to say is pause cos a giant portal to the otherworld with the exception the Supreme Kai planet is open.

Goku:Shoot I am too late.

Narrator:What is happening?What will happen when the portal is open find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Zaya Saga   Zaya Saga Icon_minitime

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Zaya Saga
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