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 Revived Saga

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PostSubject: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2007 6:33 am

Episode 19:Old Foe And Friends

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,a portal that led to the afterworld, with the exception the planet of the Supreme Kai,is opened.What is going?

Hikari staring at the unbelievable size portal:What is that?

Gohan in thought:That is a portal that connect dimersion together.But....why do it appear.Is everything back to those days where evil endlessly popup?

Goku scratching his head:Man,it is like the old time.Guess I will put my training result into a test.

Goku become a Super Saiyan in a instant.

Vegeta jr charge up to Super Saiyan with a smirk:The more the merrier

Goku Jr turning Super Saiyan:Too much is bad

A this moment,all the past villans zoom out in a flash.

Cell:Earth,the place where I am born and defeated.This time,I swear I will destroy it.

Freeza,King Cold,Cooler and Coolza:Family revenge must be so sweet.

Meanwhile on a mountain,

Kid buu is firing his attack on a mountain screaming

At a unknown place,

Android 18:You will return as well right.

Andriod 17:Should we meet up with then.

Android 18 just smile at her brother.

Android 16:Need my help to protect the precious life of nature?

Android 17:Sure am

The trio then took off to where the battle shall take place,Hercule City.

Baby:Hehehe,my race will be reborn this time.

Gohan fighting off Cell:Damn,I cannot hurt him or it will get troblesome

Zaya in Mecha Super Saiyan 2 fighting againist Janemba:Don't look down on a Saiyan Andriod.

Goku dodging Freeza's family melee assult:This is fun but it is dangerous as well.What plan do you have,guys?

Hikuro and Hikari standing side by side firing countless of ki blasts at baby who regenerate again and again.

Hikari:I have one,but we don't have enough people for it to work,AAHHH

Hikari scream when baby temper to enter her body.

???:Final Flash

A massive amount of energy that is concentracted into a energy beam burn Baby to ashes.

Baby:I will return,fool.

All the Z-fighters make a AH sound.

Kuririn:Miss us didn't you guys.

Standing in front of them are the old Z-fighters who had died.

Then,three more figure desend.

Andriod 18:We make it.

Narrator:At last,the old Z-fighters are back in action.And what is the plan that Hikari have in mind,don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP to find out.
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Battle Ready

Male Number of posts : 77
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2007 11:13 am

Episode 20:Closing the portal

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,the portal that connect to the otherworld revive the villans once more.However,old friends are revive thus the old and new Z-fighters unite.


Goku merely scratch his hair smiling:Lost it during my fight againist Zaya.He is that formidable.

The instant that Goku finish his sentence,Vegeta snapped


Goku:Take it easy,Vegeta.If you wanna settle this,then let stop this problem first.

Vegeta stop grabbing his eternal rival's shirt:Fine then.

The group of Saiyan all power up to Super Saiyan(except Gohan since is unable to)

Goten get into the dance pose:It is time for fuse for all those years of peace.

Trunk also in the fusion pose:Let do this.

Goten and Trunk:Ffffuuuuuuuusss SION HA

Then,there is a flash of light.In the place where Trunk and Goten stand, a older version of Gotenks is in the place.

SSJ3 Gotenks:Once more the hero of Justis is born.

Piccolo take his weight cloth he wear to train.

Piccolo turning his arms that you can hear a crack:Let go.By the way,Dende and the other Nameks are going to close the portal.I believe the one who open the portal will not allow this go smoothly.So you,you,you are going with Gohan to going to stop this unknown being.



Zaya:Wonder what it is like to be in a team after so long.

Gohan:Then,we will be going Piccolo.Oh,by the way,it nice to see you guys again so don't die in this battle.

Vegeta spit:You of all people should know that we are not that weak.

Cell chasing after Gohan:You are not going anywhere.I will have my revenge.

However,he is kick at the gut by Vegeta.

Vegeta smirk:Your the one not going anywhere since we are your oppnent.

All the past villans look at the Z-fighters,androids and the newly fuse Gogeta jr.

Narrator:At last the old fighters are back.But can they really stop all of the villans when some even die in their previous encounter.Don't miss the next exciting episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2007 3:34 am

Episode 21: The Pride of Vegeta

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, the villains are trying to take revenge on the Z-fighters. While Gohan, Zaya, Hikari and Hikuro are trying to prevent an unknown being for stopping the closing of the portal.

Cell: Ah, Vegeta, long time no see.

Vegeta: Cut that out. Now I will have my revenge. You shall pay for hurting my pride.

Cell powering up: I wonder are you capable of doing that. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one getting stronger. I too get stronger after that son of Goku humiliates me. So close so close, I am so close to destroy the universe and he takes everything away from me with just his anger.Whatmore, did he have to make me feel fear before finishing me.

Vegeta: Kind of ironic. You are the one who want him to be angry.

Cell finish powering up: Zip up, loser

Vegeta scream in anger: WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU SHALL PAY

* fight scene*
Cell charge up a start using a fury melee assaults with Vegetal dodge every single one with ease.Shortly,after that,Vegeta took the offence with Cell blocking the powerful fist and kick.

The prince of Saiyan with a smirk: What up. Can’t back up your word with your strength.

Cell with a smirk: That what think, you arrogant fool

With that, Cell jabbed his tail into Vegeta's stomach and began absorb Vegeta's energy.

Cell laughing like a mad: AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your too careless don't you think, my prince. Your arrogant shall be your downfall like the past.

Vegeta faint smile:Hehehehe

Cell face expression change into an unconviced: What so funny Vegeta

Vegeta grab the tail: Nothing just thinkin that you didn't change much even after all this years, you weaklings.

With that, Vegeta pulled Cell's tail out

Vegeta transform in to Super Saiyan 4: Unlike you,I change though not much.

Cell with a look filled with full of surprise: And may I ask what it is

Vegeta fire a large energy bomb at Cell: I learn that I shall place my family above my own ENTERTAINMENT. STAY DIE FOREVER, CELL.Final Bang

Cell protect himself with an energy shield but before it is finish,the energy bomb got to him blasting him into nothingless.

Narrator: With Cell dead, Vegeta get his revenge with his own hands.However,how many villains are there left to be taken care of.Don't miss the next exciting episode where Goku battle againist the strongest villains of all time Broly.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 5:56 am

Episode 22: The Clashs Of The Titans

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Vegeta defeat Cell as a revenge to redeem his pride.Meanwhile, Gohan, Zaya, Hikuro and Hikari is travelling to the lookout to protect the Nameks from the unknown being who opened the portal.

*fight scene*

Goku in a hand to hand combat with Kid buu:As tough as ever, Majin buu but

Goku stated blocking Kid Buu's fury melee assult and give him a punch at the face.

Goku yelled in angeras his fist hitted at Kid Buu face:DO YOU EVEN TRAIN IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT.


Goku charge his signature attack below Kid Buu:KA ME KA ME

Kid Buu decided to self destruct


The kamehameha wave manage to push Kid Buu to the sky before Kid Buu vaporize into nothing.But the impact of the explosion is enough for the changeling to die once more.

Goku:Now for Janemba, Hildegarn and Broly the 3 strongest villans of all time.

Broly started laughing when he saw Goku:Ahahahahdehahahahdehah,found you Kakarot.

Goku turned back and power up to Super Saiyan 2 and barely dodge Broly fist.

Broly smirk as he power up to his highest level, Legendary Super Saiyan: KAKAROT

Goku back to his usual self and take in his fighting stance:I will handle him for now.Now go and stop Janemba and Hildegarn.

*fight scene*
Broly, being one that only know how to attack,charge straight into Goku without thinking.Goku use this chance to attack Broly with his normal but strong melee attacks.Broly allow all the attack to hit him but he didn't even hurt in any way.While, Broly simply backhand Goku in the face to sent miles away.

Goku getting as he saw Broly coming:Like I thought I cannot defeat him when I just using normal melee attack.So

Goku charge up a ki blast and place it on Broly stomach as the attack explode

Goku:What about ki blast

Broly roar in rage: KAKAROT

Narrator:The battle is unreal but is Goku in Super Saiyan 2 enough for Broly legendary form.Find out in the next exciting episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2007 9:09 am

Episode 23: The True Super Saiyan 4

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, Goku is battling against Broly while the rest of the Z-fighters search for Janemba and Hildegarn.As Gohan, Zaya, Hikari and Hikuro heading to the lookout. However, who the mysterious being that open up the portal of the otherworld.

*fight scene*
Goku and Broly continue to exchange blow after blow as Broly continue to power up more and more. On the other hand, Goku continue to use massive energy to damage Broly, who recover all the attack in a minute.

At the Planets of the Supreme Kai,
Shin: Yes Goku is winning.Broly's time is over.

Elder Kai: Wrong again. The youngster nowaday.Look at it further. Think if Goku continue this up, will he have any energy to kill Broly.

Shin: That why Goku reserve his Super Saiyan 3 right.

Elder Kai sign heavily: There is time limit in that form.

Shin in shock: Hope Goku will defeat Broly before it is up

Elder Kai: We shall see.

*fight scene*
Goku after overuse his energy is getting a beating from Broly.Goku then start screaming loudly to gain energy to transform to Super Saiyan 3.

Goku in though: I spent too much time in Super saiyan 2 so I only can launch 1 major attack in this form. Hope it is enough to send him to HFIL.Broly fired his ki blasts like mad. Goku dodge all of it.

Goku narrow his eyes with a serious expression: NOW

Goku head straight at Broly.


The attack pierce through Broly's huge body.However, Broly though seriously damage, he is not dead yet.

Broly shouted in rage due to the fact that he is badly injured by Goku: KAKAROT

Goku back in his normal form due to the fact that he runs out of energy: Damn, I am a goner.

Broly going for a thrust in Goku's heart charge straight at him. But at that moment, Goku tapped into the power needed to become the true Super Saiyan 4.

At the planets of Supreme Kai,

Elder Kai looking very surprise: A Super saiyan form that I never see before

Goku in complete calmness: Kamehameha

Broly shouted with all his might: KAKARRRRRRRROOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT

Broly is then engulfing in the bright energy beam.

????: So you are defeated once more, father.

Narrator: So the mysterious being is Broly's son but what is he planning. Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeMon Sep 03, 2007 4:59 am

Episode 24: Janemba's new technique

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Broly is defeated when Goku become a transform into the true Super Saiyan 4.Meanwhile,the mysterious being is actually the son of Broly.What is his purpose?

At the Capsule Corp,
Janemba is destroying the city with his sword cutting everything in half in his sight. Vegeta, who just join back with the androids that spilt up with the humans group to take care the last two of the three strongest villains? Their opponent is Janemba.Vegeta losing his concentration when he senses Gout’s new power.

Vegeta thought as his battle Janemba with the three androids: Damn, that Kakarot he achieve another level of power again. He always gains a new level before me. I must become stronger than Kakarot even he is my best friend.

*fight scene*
Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan and began his melee assaults with 20000000 fists in a second then with 10000000 kick in another second.Janemba then dodge and block nearly all the attack.However,the hitted attack did not do much harm to his body.

Vegeta then power up to Super saiyan 2: Taste the power of the rage Saiyan prince, Janemba! Final space moment!

Vegeta's energy filled the whole area then all the power is focus on his fist(note that his hand is like when he is going to hammer his opponent with both hand)Janemba then channel all his ki to his sword and absorbed the attack with his word and counterattack with it.

??? Block the sword: Father be careful a weapon with ki is much stronger.

Vegeta in shock: are future Trunk wait it should be the past Trunk

Vegeta recover from his shock: I know but I will still defeat him. Stay and watch carefully.

Meanwhile at the lookout,
Gohan,Zaya and the twin arrive just in time to prevent Broly's son killing the Nameks.

Dende: Yes the portal is close.

Gohan who deflect Broly's son attack: Who are you?

???: Sorry for how rude I am? I am called Uta, the son of Broly, here to test my power against you all who manage to defeat my father again and again. As for how I test, by killing you all.

Narrator: The Trunk from the future. The past Trunk is here but what for? Also what will happen to Gohan, Zaya and the twin? Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.

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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2007 2:08 pm

Episode 25: Vegeta true current strength

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, Janemba demonstrate his new technique, the art of channeling ki to a weapon. The past Trunk manages to save Vegeta from Janemba and offer to help him but Vegeta refuse. What plan do Vegeta have?

Trunk yelling in fear of losing his father: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, FATHER? STOP THAT PRIDE OF YOUR OR YOU WILL

Vegeta replied back coolly with confident: Die. Is that what you are thinking my son? Then, allow me to show you my true current strength.

Trunk calming down after hearing what Vegeta said seal his sword back to his sheath and start thinking what Vegeta replied: It is true that we can lower our power level but it is not much.At most it will be lower to ¼ of the true power. Father need at least 20 times more. Fine I shall watch for now but if thing go wrong, I shall step in regardless you like it or not.

Vegeta start taking off his Saiyan armor and wristband and start stretching at the same time a sudden burst of ki: Man, how long have I take this off.

Trunk surprises in the sudden burst of energy Vegeta have: What is this even those have weight of 2000000kg the increase is around 1000 so why it is possible for father’s power level to multiply by this megaton.

Vegeta in an arrogant voice: Surprise that is expected. I am sure you didn’t even try to come out with this idea.

Trunk boiling with curiosity: What is it? The power went is not normal

Vegeta smiling: The Saiyan armor and also the wristband have a power limit on it forcing me unable to release all my strength. Now I am 40 times stronger than what you see

*fight scene*
Janemba sick of hearing Vegeta bragging his power, attack him with his channel ki sword

Vegeta channel his ki to a point where it is like a shied block the ki weapon bare handed: The true battle shall begin now.

The two steps back and move to their battle stance. Vegeta charge first as Janemba prepare to attack when Vegeta enter his attacking range. Vegeta jump right up into the sky and sent a ki bomb similar to spirit bomb. Janemba use his sword ki like a arrow firing at the ki bomb.Vegeta then land behind Janemba and the two start using hand to hand combat.(Janemba knowing a sword is not useful in close combat but mid range combat seal it)

The two start sent fist after fist increasing the number per second bit by bit. In the end, the two have 2000000 fists and 1500000 kicks every second.

Trunk who is watching the battle begin to sweat. Trunk with his serious face as always think about how he can fare his father without his sword.

Trunk thinking: Just the mere though make me shiver in fear. Yet, father is still continue to aim for greater strength. It just like him never satisfied no matter how stronger he get.

Vegeta now 8m away from Janemba decided to end it with one of his ki beam. The same go for Janemba. Vegeta transform into his Super Saiyan 4 level(the fake one) increasing his power further. Janemba channel all his ki to his sword.

Vegeta: It is over, Janemba. Final space moment

The attack have completely overwhele Janemba’s attack, Janemba try to absorb the attack but it is useless.

*fight scene end*

Vegeta power down:That how you should fight.

Narrator:Another one of the three strongest villans is brought down.Only Hildegarn is left. But will the humans and Namek be enough?Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2007 9:20 am

Episode 26: Don't want to lose to him

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, Vegeta take off his power limiters and overwhelm Janemba. Meanwhile, Gogeta Jr, Gotenks and the entire Z-fighters human (excluding Hikari and Hikuro) are struggling againist Hildegarn.

Kuririn starting to chicken out suggesting to the other to retreat waiting for the androids and the other Saiyans.

Tenshinhan firing his dodonpa at Hildegarn so that the other can increase the chance of damaging him.

Tenshinhan: Kuririn, are you going to depend on Goku and the other again? Are you!!

Kuririn think back about what he said to Tenshinhan at the other world when overwhelm by Tenshinhan’s new attack at the Grand Kai’s Mansion.

Kuririn: Hehehe you caught me there. But I will defeat you again and claim the title of the strongest human again.

*end of flashback

Back to the present,

Kuririn gather the courage to continue battle: that right I have to be stronger.

*fight scene*
“Eat this” Kuririn shouted as his fire ki blast into the air directly above Hildegarn.

Gotenks thinking Kuririn is going insane yelling loudly: Where the hell do you think you are aiming?

Tenshinhan then went off to an open area.

Gotenks think Tenshinhan went insane as well yelling at him. It was at this point that all the ki blasts raining down at Hildegarn. Hildegarn then use his speed to get out of the attack though barely but only to get assault by Tenshinhan’s shinkikoho.

Piccolo understand what going on: I see Kuririn’s rain of ki blast are meant to caught that monster by surprise if it failed Tenshinhan’s attack will finish the job since that beast always go after who attacking him. They are not insane but a great teamwork.

Gotenks pissed off for not realizing earlier making a fool out of himself: they are not going
To get all the show. Super Ghost kamikaze attack.

Soon countless of Gotenks self replicate looking ghost are attacking Hildegarn while it is still immovable due to Tenshinhan’s shinkikoho. The monstrous size beast it then broke down.
*fight scene end*
Gogeta Jr and Gotenks then went out of their fusion form.

Goten looking extremely excited: Kuririn. How do you do that attack just now?

Kuririn taken back by surprise thinking why Goten want to know that as he most likely spent time looking for girlfriends.

Kuririn replied nervously: Well it is just a matter of control.

Goten very pump up: I see then I will hone my control of ki and converting it to ice or snow.

Vegeta Jr thinking: he can’t be that lame to do that just for making girl happy or something like that.

Goten then went on to confirm his theory.

Vegeta Jr thinking again: Bull eye. Feel kind of bore if it go on.

Piccolo then start yelling at every one of them since they start to think it all over while the strong ki belonging to Uta is still there.

Goku Jr: Don’t worry Gohan there right. He will win.

Pan appears out of no where then agree with the sentence.

Piccolo, though want to be like them believing in his student, can’t help but kept on worrying.

Piccolo muttered softly to himself: I just hope they are right.

Meanwhile, back at the lookout

Dende looking in disbelieve: what is that just now? It took them out in an instant even they were winning just a while ago.

Narrator: At last even Hildegarn is taken down but what exactly happen to Gohan, Zaya and the twin. Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2007 8:29 am

Episode 27: Uta transformation, Sliver Super Saiyan

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, the last of the 3 strongest villans of all time, Hildegarn, is defeated. mainly due to Kuririn and Tenshinhan teamwork. But what to the battle at the lookout.

10 minute before now, at the lookout,
*fight scene*
Gohan, Zaya, Hikari and Hikuro charge at Uta. Uta though being outnumbered is capable of following up at them. The battle soon becomes too tough for the twin and thus they fuse into Hikaro in order to keep up. Uta, however, think it is easier to keep up the pace
Since there one less person to keep up with but he is proven wrong since the power and speed is at another level. Fearing that if the battle went too long might prove disadvantage to him dispose the weakest of the three.

Uta slightly sweating: That one down.

Gohan power up to his super saiyan 2 level: Don’t be glad yet.

Zaya power up to Mecha Super Saiyan 3: You will taste what fear is

Uta knowing the extend of the power up, power up to the true Super Saiyan 4 as a precautious.

Gohan saw the true Super Saiyan 4 wondering why it so similar to the Super Saiyan 3 and the astounding power increase.

Zaya knowing what Gohan is thinking reassure him that they can still win.

The powerful two charge up once more. Uta pull out all stop and the three engage in battle. Uta unable to attack the same rate Gohan and Zaya combine power dodge and block most of the time but is still able to cause damage to the half-saiyan and android. This put a large amount of pressure on Gohan and Zaya.

Gohan thinking: if I hold anymore back, Zaya might be in danger.

Gohan then make up his mind and power up all the way to Supreme Mystic: Get out of the way, Zaya. Supreme Kamemasenko.

Zaya then went to Mecha Super saiyan: I been waiting, Gohan. Giga Bomb.

The 2 extremely destructive attack hit directly at Uta. Uta then appear to power down to his base form. Soon after that, a large area of dust blocked the view of the two fighters. Soon, the dust is clear, Uta, though seriously injured, is seen laughing.

Uta still laughing like a maniac: Boy, how long have it been since I am been injured like this.

Both Gohan and Zaya surprised. In their mind, they both are thinking the same things. That is how Uta survive their strongest attack in his base form. The two charge again in an attempt to find out what happen just now, they attack once more throwing 50000000 punches and kicks in a second. However, Uta dodge all of it and counter-attack with 2 high speed punches that can’t be seen.

Gohan knocked out in the air felling to the earth: Unbelievable, he is stronger in his base form than the Super saiyan level that I just saw.

Zaya being no different from Gohan felling down to the earth: I can sense something different in his currently base form compare to earlier but what is it exactly.

Uta decided to let them know exactly what they want to knowing: It the spirit. My spirit itself transform to Super saiyan. I called this Silver Super Saiyan. Instead of having my physical improve, I improve the speed of my nerve is going and thus, my respond is faster. The result is that I move faster then the attack itself.
*flashback end*

Narrator: Now Uta is fighting with responsive instead of power, how will Gohan and Zaya defeat him. Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Revived Saga   Revived Saga Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2007 3:56 am

Episode 28: Blue star Dragonball, Combat Dragon

In the last episode of Dragonball GP, Uta displayed his Sliver Super Saiyan power and overwhelm Gohan, Zaya and Hikaro. Do they even stand a chance?

*fight scene*
Uta, now in his Sliver Super Saiyan level, see through all of Gohan and Zaya‘s movement as if it is slow motion. Zaya is thinking of all sort of way to defeat this ability and eventually reach a conclusion that they have to be so fast that Uta cannot manage to get out of their attack. But he thought it was very unlikely to make that happen with their current power. They even try to fuse but even though the fusion dance is successful, the new fusion being defuse back in an instant. Apparently, android and a non-android cannot be fuse together more then three seconds. Due the body system is very different.

Gohan yelled out to Zaya: Zaya, can you hold him for a while. I need it to call forth a power that to might be able to defeat this guy.

Zaya quickly took up the offer despite the face that he is not even sure if he can last that long: Nonetheless, it is our last chance to defeat this guy.

Gohan surprise everyone that watching and in the battle by taking out a blue color 4-stars Dragonball out and starting to chanting. Uta starting to mock at Gohan to foolish enough to think that a mere Dragonball can stop him. Beside, Dragonball can only work when all seven are gather together.

Uta still laughing and mocking Gohan: I was thinking what sort of trick you have to stop me. And this is what I get, a Dragonball that not gather with the other six. I am so disappointed.

Zaya, on the other hand, know what Gohan is doing and cannot help but feel excited what his rival is about to show him: Show me, Gohan. The powers of a blue star Dragonball, the power of a combat dragon.

Uta charges at Gohan but Zaya block his path.

Zaya with his mind set on stop Uta from attacking Gohan: You are not going to touch him until he finish the chanting. No, there a correction, once he finishes the chanting you may not even be able to touch him.

Uta enraged by the statement Zaya make: Do you seriously believe that! I cannot touch that guy. Watch how I kill you two weaklings.

Uta immediately start to sent fists and kicks rapidly but Zaya fly all the way to the sky and keep a certain distance from Uta while firing arrow make from vine.

Zaya thinking while keep on moving out Uta attacking range: As long as I not within his attacking range, his sliver super saiyan ability cannot be use to it fullest.

Uta went out of his sliver super saiyan and power up to the true super saiyan 4: You fool; I cannot believe that you have forgotten this power of mine and we can use ki.

Zaya slightly surprise: Shoot, I am too focus on his sliver super saiyan power.

Zaya quickly power up to his highest level, mecha super saiyan, and dodge all of Uta’s ki attack. Then, Zaya and Uta are starting to fire ki blasts at each other. The surrounding is filled with dust and dirt with exploding sound, causes by the 4785412 ki blasts. Uta appear it front of Zaya before the dust is clear and sent Zaya flying with 50000000 punches and 2000000 kicks. Uta do not just stop there, he pursue Zaya and hammer him at the back finishing it with a kick to the gut. At this moment, Gohan has finally finished his chanting and an ice dragon emerges from the dragonball, surprising Uta.

Uta smile after recovering from the shock: I guess it may not be that disappointing after all.

Narrator: At lasts the final showdown between Uta and Gohan. What power do the combat dragon will have and will it be enough to defeat Uta. Find out in the episode of Dragonball GP.
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.Episode 29: The War End for Now, Uta’s Downfall( extra long)

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, Zaya manages to hold Uta back enough for Gohan to summon one of the combat dragons. What sort of power does it have?

Uta in his true super saiyan 4 stare up at the magnificent ice dragon: Incredible so this is why he spent his time stopping me from advancing on that Kai. It might be….no definitely an opponent worth my time.

Gohan trying to keep his temper from erupting after watching the state Zaya since the negative energy will accumulate faster: Let go, Hyoten.

Hyoten, the name of the ice combat dragon, glanced back at Gohan: What do you mean by let go. I take order from no one even if I choose you as my master.

Gohan is now close to blowing his head: Oh come on, take it as I beg you.

Hyoten in his arrogant voice: That more likes it. The enemy is the kid over there, right.

*fight scene*
Hyoten is seen charging toward Uta. Uta dodge the attack with ease and smash Hyoten to bits with a ki punch. Zaya who is watching the fight fall into despair thinking there no more hope.

Gohan move his left hand to his front of him and yelled: Infinite zero, revive

Suddenly, the surrounding temperature drop and filled with water droplet. The uncountable of water droplet link together with the shattered ice pieces. Then, the water droplet freeze and revive Hyoten back this time bigger. Uta surprised by the turn of event retreat back by 10m.

Uta regaining his composure as he kept on firing ki attack destroying Hyoten only to have it revive again and again: What up with this dragon? I cannot destroy that thing no matter what. It will just keep on reviving again and again.

Uta revert back to his base and transform to his sliver super saiyan hoping to turn the table.

Gohan point his finger at Uta: Infinite zero, ice prison.

Hyoten charge at Uta again and shattered in front of him. By right, Uta is suppose to be taken back by surprise and did not move but his high responsive in his sliver super saiyan allow his to absorb the event quickly and overcome this weakness. Nonetheless, Hyoten’s shattered ice, gather together and form a sphere prison trapping Uta within.

Uta with an enraged expression though deep down his heart, he is experiencing something he never felt before. That feeling is fear. The fear of his undefeated record is going to be broken. The fear of what might become of him. The fear of his life might be lost: Do you think this thing is going to trap me forever.

Gohan: No. That is why I am going to finish you now. Infinite zero, Aurora Execution.

Hyoten’s mouth is open inside the ice prison and a absolute zero temperature ice beam hit directly at Uta’s barrier.

Uta now back to his true super saiyan 4 since sliver super saiyan is not helping him in the sphere: I will not fall.

After a few minutes, Uta’s barrier break with the ice prison and the ice beam hit him. Uta appear in front of everyone with a weaken body that is mostly numb.

Zaya: It cannot be. How di he survive that?

Uta thinking: I am lucky that I manage to dodge the attack by a hair length. The beam only scratch me yet the temperature manage to freeze my body like this.

Uta: I will retreat for now but remember that I will be back.

Then, Uta disappear with the instant transmission that we all familiar with.

Few days later,
Everyone had a BBQ party at the Capsule Corp. Hikari is seen chasing after Goten while the other saiyans keep on eating on a mountain of meat. The others disgusted by the sight have their meal at the other corner. The 4 androids is charging with a wireless charger make by Trunk.

Zaya: Do your sister alway behave like that, Hikuro.

Hikuro: To tell you truth I don’t know. We always live with the pervert hermit so I do not know this side of my sister.

Piccole: So what do you plan on doing now, Zaya.

Zaya: Well I plan to see how the saiyan race are doing back when I make a wish to revive them.

Android 17: Is that so. Well, from what I heard they are a well-known for their violent nature. So be prepare

Android 18: brother, they are weak as well remember. Not even one of them is at the super saiyan level.

Android 16: There might be some according to my calulation. Saiyans become stronger after battle and battle and you mention that they were revive. Those saiyans must have enhence their power level greatly.

Gohan appear out of the blue standing at the back of Zaya and pat on his shoulder.

Gohan: You’ll be back, right

Zaya smile back warmly: You can count on it. See ya!

Goku noticing Zaya leaving: Where's Zaya going?

Gohan acting casual: Just to travel the universe. But he'll be back. Guess I have to leave as well.

Goten: Are you going back to the planet of the supreme kai? You know you can stay here.

Gohan: Nope. I am going to visit some friends.

Goku jr: Who are they? Are they strong?

Gohan answer without thinking: Yeah. They are strong.

Vegeta thinking: They must be the blue star dragonball guardians.

Vegeta jr: By the way, what your rank in the blue star dragonball guardians.

Gohan: My current position is 5.

The new surprise everyone.

Goku delighted: As expected of my son, one of the top five.

Piccolo frown: Wrong. There a total of seven of five is below average.

Gohan: It is as he say. I guess I say too much bye.

Gohan is seen leaving together with Shin through Kabito’s instant transmission . Meanwhile, 14 members communicate though telepath.

???: The history have change, the time will run wild.

???:When will we take action

???: Two months when they all gather on Earth.

Narrator: At last Uta is defeated. But what new foe will stand in front of our hero. Who are they guardians. What the other blue star dragons power consist of? Find out more in the next saga of Dragonball GP. The blue star dagonballs saga.
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