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 Coolza Saga

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PostSubject: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2007 10:19 am

Episode 1:Coolza,the brother of Cooler

1 year have pass since Goku return to Earth.No one have heard from him since then.Gohan come out of the Supreme time chamber room that a day is = to 10 years.However,one can increase he or she power only it is impossible to gain fighting experience.

Elder Kai:You finally get out of that room.

Gohan:Yeah and I make a discovery.

Elder Kai:What is the discovery that make you so excited?

Gohan:When I become Mystic,I am stronger than when I become when I am fighting Majin Buu.

Elder Kai:I see it is about time.

Gohan confuse:What do you mean by that?

Elder kai:Mystic is form when you gain the maximum power that your body can take.

Gohan shock by this fact:I see.By the way I am planning to return to Earth today.

Elder Kai:Go ahead then.


Gohan step on the teleport circle and appear at the Kami lookout.Flying back to his home but on the way he met two mini version of Goku and Vegeta using the fusion technique.

Goku jr and Vegeta jr:Fffuuu Sion HA

Gogeta jr:Now let do this.

Gogeta jr turn a face Gohan.

Gohan:Appear that this guy sense my power level but

With one kick to Gogeta jr's gut,Gogeta jr defuse but still have conscience.

Goku jr:He is strong,Vegeta.

Vegeta jr:It is so obvious,moron.

Gohan:You two are impressive.Worthy of the saiyan flow inside you.

Vegeta jr:Who are you?

Gohan doing a great saiyaman pose:I am one of your ancestor,Son Gohan.

Goku jr:Great grandfather is that you.

Gohan:Uh huh.

Vegeta jr thinking:That was one hell idiotic pose.

A spaceship land and a being who look like Cooler came out.

Goku jr:Who are you?

???:I am Coolza,brother of Cooler.
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Male Number of posts : 77
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2007 10:20 am

Episode 2:Meet Coolza at Namek

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Coolza land on Earth.What will be unfold for the Z-fighters.

Gohan thinking:Coolza huh.I never know those two have younger brother.

Goku jr:What do want eerrr....who are you again?

Gohan,Vegeta jr and Coolza all had a anime fall.

Vegeta jr:Moron it is Coolza.

Goku jr:Right Coolza.What do you want Coolza?

Coolza:Revenge of course.Yes I will take revenge for my two elder brother.

Vegeta jr:Revenge.We will do it now.

Goku jr and Vegeta jr power up to super saiyan 2 and do the fusion dance.

Goku jr and Vegeta jr:Fffuuu Sion HA

*fight scene*
Gogeta jr charge at Coolza and sent 100,000 punches at Coolza.Coolza dodge all the attack and elbow at Gogeta jr's neck.Gogeta jr land on ground with one of his hand.using that one hand,he mange to push himself to the sky.However,Coolza is behind him.

Coolza:Sorry but I don't time.Beside don't you get too cocky.

With that Coolza knock him out cold.

Gohan yell:GOKU,VEGETA.

Coolza:Gohan,I am here to propose a challenge.

Gohan:A challenge.

Coolza:Yes meet me at Namek within 5 days or I will destroy the planet.Sayonara.

With that the spaceship have depart.

Narrator:Meet Coolza at Namek.Well it is O.K I guess but will they get more help find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2007 10:21 am

Episode 3:The two siblings,Hikuro and Hikari

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Coolza and Gogeta jr battle each other.Coolza manage defeat Gogeta jr with great ease.

Gohan:Hey,wake up Goku.

Goku jr open his eyes and see Gohan.

Goku jr:I sorry great grandfather.

Gohan:Hey,it O.K.Oh and one more thing,don;t call me great grandfather.I prefer Gohan much better.

Goku jr:O.K great....Gohan.

Vegeta jr in an arrogant voice:Can we get going,Gohan.


Goku jr:Where are we going?

Vegeta jr:Master Roshi island.

Gohan:To seek help.

Vegeta jr:I don't know why that we should seek when we are here.

Gohan just smile:All in good time.

Then the trio took off.When they land,they see Master Roshi watching porn DVD.

Gohan:I see starting a new collection.

Master Roshi cleaning his nose blood:Wow is that you Gohan.Your power level is astounding.As for your question,yes I am starting a new collection.Talk about action.

Gohan:Do you happen to have any new Z-fighters?

Master Roshi:Why yes of course.They are training at the opposite island.They are strong enough to be on par with your great grandson in super saiyan but when they take it to the next level,it a whole new things.

Gohan thinking:Wow.Humans can be strong enough to be on par a SUPER SAIYAN.

Gohan:Thank you.Bye.

Master Roshi:Bye.

Just then he nose bleed plus drooling when he went back to see his collection.

Goku jr thinking:What a pervert.

Gohan saw a boy wearing white shirt with blue collar and a black pant with a little red without pocket sparring with a girl wearing pink and white shirt and a short yellow pant.

Gohan fly down and stop the fight:Excuse me but can you stop for a while you two.I have something to say.

The girl:Sure.

After Gohan told them the whole thing,

The boy:Why we will be gladly to help.By the way my name is Hikuro and this is my sister Hikari.

Narrator:Alright.Gohan manage to get help but why find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2007 10:21 am

Episode 4:The plan

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Gohan manage to find two more helpers to save the planet Namek.

Hikari a bit hesitate before asking:Errr...So may I ask a question,Gohan?

Gohan:Sure.What is it?

Hikari:Well why do you need the two of us when Goku and Vegeta and easily handle it.

Vegeta fold his arms:Yeah.You did say all in good time.

Hikuro:So mind telling us.

Gohan:O.K this is the plan.i will bring Hikari and Hikuro to Namek.

Goku:So what about me and Vegeta,Great grandfather.

Gohan:You two stay on Earth.

Everyone excluding Gohan shouted:WWHHAATTT!!!!!!!

Gohan both hands cover his ear:No need such a big reaction.

Goku:What do you mean no need.

Vegeta:Are you trying to say I and Goku cannot help but the two siblings can.

Gohan:No.I have a feeling that Earth may be in danger when we are fighting Coolza so I am entrusting Earth to the two of you.

Hikuro:What a important job you have.

Hikari:But only feeling.

Gohan:So are you two up to it.

Goku jr:Just leave it to the two of us.

Vegeta jr:Fine.

Vegeta thinking:I cannot believe that I am doing a job because of this guy feeling.

Gohan:Alright then.We will meet here at 10 o'clock sharp.

Narrator:At last the plan is made.Wonder how will Gohan get everyone to the planet to Namek.What danger will await for our hero there.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2007 10:22 am

Episode 5:The four elite ninjas

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Gohan told the Z-fighters his plan againist.Now,Gohan together with Hikuro and Hikari,the two siblings whose power is on par with super saiyan is about to set off to Namek.

Gohan thinking:What taking those two so long?Strange so I complain before except for study?I guess all these of years of training have cause some change about me.

Meanwhile,Hikuro and Hikari is.....eating breakfast.

Hikuro chewing on meat:Man I must eat as much as I can.Who know when is the next time I get to eat.

Hikari thinking while drinking milk:I still cannot believe that a person like him is my brother after all this year.No manner at all.

15 mins later...
Hikuro and Hikari finally land,

Hikuro:Sorry that the two of us took this long.

Gohan:It is okay at least you are not the latest.

Hikari:who the last then.

All of a sudden,a person appear in front of them in a instant.

????:Sorry but I have to settle something first.

Gohan:It is O.K Supreme Kai.

Shin:How many times do I have to tell you to call me Shin.You are a Supreme Kai yourself.

Hikuro:Sis do those two know each other.

Hikari:Of course.Both are Supreme Kai and from the way they talk to each other mean that they are friend.

Shin:Everyone hold on to me.We will go there by instant transmission.

As soon as everyone reach Namek,they were shock to see the area is..... you know.


Shin prepare to use the instant transmission:Gohan if you don't mind,I have other things to do so farewell.

Hikuro:Where can we find Coolza?

Gohan get up pointing to the north where a giant building:There I sure that building is the headquarter.

Hikari:But are you sure I cannot sense any power level.

Gohan:They mostly use tectnology to hide their power level completly.Let go.

And so the trio started walking to a giant building that they all see.When they reach,soldiers start pouring out from all directions.However,the Z-fighters defeat all them by raising their power level.

Hikari:That is far too easy.

Four warriors step out of the shadow and Hikuro is about to charge at them when Gohan stop him.

Gohan:Wait it seem that these kind energy signature is weird.How are you guys?

????:We are the four elite ninjas.

Narrator:The four elite ninjas appear.What does Gohan when he say that these guys energy signature is different.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2007 10:22 am

Episode 6:Hindi,the ninja of Earth

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,the new Z-fighters arrvive at Namek with the help of Shin,the Supreme Kai.Gohan together with Hikari and Hikuro defeat the soldiers just powering up their power level.However,four beings step out of the shadow and call themself the four elite ninjas.

Hikuro:The four elite ninjas..hhmmm never heard of it.

Hikari:It nice say it even it is true.What do want?

??? pointing at the large building:See this building.There are 5 level lord Coolza is at the top.Sent a fighter in each level and if you win,can go to the next level in your case but if I win,then you have to sent the new fighters in your team againist us.The opponent must be dead to count as a win meaning it is a battle of life and dead.

Hikuro shouted:We accept your challenge.

Then,the four elite ninjas disappear into thin air.

Gohan appear at the entrance of the buiding:What are waiting for?Hurry we have to free the Namekians.


When they are inside the building,

Hikuro:So who will go first?

Gohan:How about you,Hikuro?Are you up to it?

Hikuro:I'm first.....Yahoo.

Gohan thinking:Man if I don't know any better,I think he is a Saiyan.

Hikari:Then,I am the second.Gohan will then fight in the third,fourth and last battle.

Hikuro angry:Hey not fair.We can only fight once while he get three.

Gohan put a hand on top of Hikari:I agree with Hikuro so how about you two go for the third and fourth as well.

Hikari:But you are the strongest out of the three of us.

Gohan smile:It is O.K beside I want to see how good you guy fare againist the four ninjas O.K.

???:I been waiting so who first.

Hikuro jump into the air:I am first.

???:I see.

Hikari suddenly ask out of the blue:Excuse me who are you and what do Gohan mean by different your energy signature is weird.

???:My name is Hindi,the ninja of Earth.My teammates and I power changes due to the area and terrain.

Narrator:Wow so the four elite ninjas have such power.Find out the battle between Hikuro and Hindi and next ninja in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2007 3:22 am

Episode 7:Meet Nisa,the element ninja of water

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,the new Z-fighters learn the reason behind their different energy signature.And now,Hikuro is about to face againist Hindi,the first element ninja.

Hikuro powering up:Let get this over with,shall we.

Hindi powering up:As you wish.

*fight scene*
The fight begun with the two fighters charge at each other.Hikuro and Hindi's punch connect.The awesome two,thus,fight for domination.After a minute,both jump backward and start charging a attack.

Hikuro:Shining blaster.

Hikuro's shining blaster is a sliver ball of energy in the size of a palm.

Hindi:Not so fast.Earth cube.

All of a sudden,part of a gound break into 5 cubes.

Hindi pointing at the shining blaster:GO!

The 5 cubes charge at the shining blaster but is destroy by the attack.Furthermore,the shining blaster continue to attack Hindi.

Hindi thinking:Unbelievable.I can't believe that little boy injured me.Guess it is show time.

Hindi charging a ki blast each at his hand:Allow me to show you what power we possesed.

Hindi fires the ki blasts at the ground.

Hikuro giving a blur look:Huh?Why do you do that for?

Then,two ki blasts come out from the ground and hit Hikuro.

Hindi:This is your answer.When I fire the ki blasts at the ground,the attack will appear from the ground.

Hikuro then fly to the air.

Hindi:Trying to run away.It no use.

Then,Hindi start firing the attack countless of ki blasts at the ground.All the attack came after Hikuro.Hikuro then get hitted follow by the other ki blasts.Hikuro fell through the smoke causes by the attack.

Hindi letting his guard down:Good fight but you fall in the end.

Hikuro immediately jump up:Kamehame....HHHAAAA

Hindi thus destroy by the kamehameha wave.

Gohan throwing a senzu bean:Hey,Hikuro catch this.

Hikuro eat it without hesitation.Suddenly,the area change to a place filled with water but can breath with a girl standing at the centre.

Hikari:Who are you?

???:Nisa,the element ninja of water.

Narrator:Wow so the second ninja appear.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP where Hikari and Nisa face off.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2007 3:24 am

Episode 8:Burn Magmatic,the ninja of fire

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Hikuro manage to defeat Hindi.The Z -fighters then find themselves in a place filled with water.Standing at the centre is Nisa,the second element ninja.

Hikari not impressed:This is my opponent,a GIRL.

Nisa irritated:Don't you forget,you are a girl as well.

Hikari shouted:SHUT UP,YOU BITCH.

Nisa shouted back:WHAT DID YOU SAY?


Nisa:that it.

*fight scene*
Hikari power up and fire 200 ki blasts in a second,Nisa then power up and the ki blasts just went out of the way.Afterward,Hikari and Nisa charge at each other and started throwing punches and kicks at each other causing the water current revolve around them,sucking Hikuro into it.

Hikuro thinking while trying to prevent sucking into the fight between Nisa and Hikari:Man just look at Gohan.He is standing there firmly watching the fight as if it is nothing.

Hikari thinking as she launching her melee assult:She is good.She move like we are on land.If this keep up I bound to fall.

Then,Nisa's punch connected with Hikari's face which send her flying if that is possible.

Nisa:Sorry but I think it is time to end this.

Then Nisa channel all her energy at one point changing the water current.Everytime,Hikari tried to attack,she is push away by the current.When she is trying to defend herself,Nisa will her attack"water destroyer" to hurt Hikari body.

Gohan thinking as he watch the battle:I see.These water are not use to improve the energy she have.It is use as both a attack and defend.Incredible.

Hikari thinking as she is being injured by another water destroyer:I must win againist this bitch.

Hikari then stand up and shouted:Overdrive!Speed.

Hikari then is capable of moving incredible fast in the water even againist the current.

Nisa in shock:What the hell is going on.

Hikari:Your finish.Overdrive!Power!Kamehame HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA.

Nisa's body is engulfed by Hikari mightly kamehameha wave.

Hikuro rush his sister and feed her a senzu bean.

Hikari after eating the senzu bean:Thank you,brother.

Hikuro thinking:Thank you.I never thought I will hear that from Hikari.Wonder what change her attidute?

Like the last time,the surrounding change.This time it change to a place where there countless of vocano.

???:I didn't expect two of us fall in less than an hour.Who my oppnent?

Hikuro step out:It will be me.By the way where are your manner,what is your name?

???:It will me Magmatic,the ninja of

Hikuro:Fire,right.It is damn obvious seeing the surrounding.

Narrator:And so the third round againist the four elite ninjas begin.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2007 4:51 am

Episode 9:The Elite Ninjas Leader,Rairaha

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Hikari defeated Nisa with her Overdrive tectnique.Now,Hikuro is about to face off with Magmatic,ninja of the element fire.

Hikuro charging:AAAAHHHHHHHHH

Bit by bit,Hikuro power cause everywhere to shake violently.

Hikuro:I can still a little more longer.YA,huh.Wait a second,why I can't go all the way.

Magmatic:It is the surrounding,in a heat place like this,usually it will use more energy.But,it the opposite for me,Sooner or later,your stamina will let up giving me the chance to crush you.

Hikuro charge in:I WON"T LET IT HAPPEN.

Magmatic got into his fighting stance:As if you can change that fact.

*fight scene*
Hikuro start off with a feroious melee assult.Magmatic then dodge all of the attack and grab his last punch.

Magmatic:It my turn now.

Magmatic then threw a punch at Hikuro,which he manage to dodge,forcing him to go defend.However,Magmatic then deliver a kick to the gut causing Hikuro went flying at a volcano.

Magmatic:It the end for you,Plasma

Magmatic then point his index finger at the sky

Magmatic:Lava Shooting stars.

Hikuro:Ka Me

All the volcano then erupt

Hikuro:Ha Me

The lava is like shooting star aimming at Hikuro


The kamehameha wave then burn the lava.

magmatic:That it,you pour all your just to save yourself from that attack.You can't fight any more.

Then,he saw it,the kamehameha wave change it direction and it is aiming at him.

Magmatic:NO.How could he surpass my calculation.

Hikuro smile:it is over.

Hikuro then fell backward but is catch by Hikari.

Hikari with a face of concern:Brother,here eat this,it will make you feel better.

Hikuro thinking while chewing on the senzu bean:She is getting kinder and kinder since we meet Gohan,I wonder is it because...

Then,like all other time,there is a flash changing the surrounding.However,this time round,it is a complete plain.

???:It has been some time since I have a opponent.

Hikari slap her forehead:Do any of you have any manner?Introduce yourself.

???:The leader of the elite ninjas,Rairaha

Narrator:At last,one of the strongest opposition to save the New Namek has appear.Will Hikari be able to deafeat this guy.Find out in the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 10:34 am

Episode 10: The Wrath of the Ninja of the Lightning and Wind

On the last episode of Dragonball GP, Hikuro has make a comeback at the last possible moment.Now, Hikari is about to face off against the leader of the elite ninjas, Rairaha.

Hikari: Tell me why this place looks so normal. I mean you elite ninjas should battle in a place where it is unnatural to get a power boost. Right.

Rairaha: That true.However, my element cannot be boost by the surrounding.

Hikari: Unable to get boost from the surrounding. Well I am lucky then.

Rairaha: Indeed, but let fight already.

Hikari: Point taken.

*fight scene*
Hikari charge at Rairaha and punch him over 20000 every second.Rairaha is able to block every single one of them.

Hikuro jaw dropped about so much that it almost looks like it touch the ground: You’re kidding me.

Gohan thinking: This is not looking good for Hikari.I wonder can I use that.......

Back to the fight,Rairaha is deflecting and blocking all of Hikari's attack.

Rairaha: Your patentic, it is a miracle that you come this fast. Lightning

Hikari in shock: WHAT? He is about to attack

Rairaha: Finish

Rairaha's tiny little but powerful electrical filled ki blast is smash into Hikari's lung. The electrical current shock throughout her body.

Hikari: That it. I had enough of you.OVERDRIVE! KAMEHAMEHHHAA

The overwhelming energy beam hit at Rairaha but when the dust and smoke is cleared,Rairaha is not even hurt the slightest bit.

Hikari in shocked eye wide:Im....possi.....ble

Hikuro:I need to but a spectacle now.

Hikari cough out the words:How.....di..did that?

Rairaha:I beside using lightning element I can also use,a gift from my brother,the wind element.It start when I am still young when I was too weak to defend myself.He died in the battle to save me.

A teardrop roll down Rairaha's cheek.

Rairaha:Before he die,he give me a energy orb and told me to get stronger and live on.

Narrator:Wow who know that Rairaha had such a sad past but that does change the fact that Hikari is losing.What should she do to win.Find that out in the next exciting episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 10:59 am

Episode 11:Hikaro,the warrior of the two siblings

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Hikari is losing to Rairaha who is the last member of the four elite ninja.In the last attempt to win,she use her overdrive and launch a kamehameha wave.Though it is a direct hit,Rairaha is not even hurt by the slightest bit.

Hikuro:Impossible!How in the world that Rairaha get that kind power?

Gohan:It is not impossible.

Hikuro in shocked:What are you talking about Gohan.Are you telling me that there are people possess more power than Rairaha have?

Gohan:Yes.In fact both you and Hikari power level is somewhere near Cell in his perfect form.

Hikuro cannot believe what he heard and continue to look at the fight which his sister is continue getting bashed up.

*fight scene*

Hikari try to dodge as much attack as possible by increasing her speed with overdrive speed.However,she will still getting hit at least once per minute.

Hikari thinking while dodging Rairaha fury assult:If this keep on continue,I will be done in exactly an hour.Even though,what can I do in this one hour.

Meanwhile,Coolza is at the highest level of the building watching the fight.

Coolza:My,my.That son of Goku from what I heard is a genius but he did not fight againist my four elite ninja and choose his two pathetic friend to fight instead.Now I don't whether he has something up or he is just a idiot like his father.But I must say those two actually kill 3 out of 4 of my elite ninjas which is far impressive.But it is the end of the girl.

*fight scene*
Hikari is losing energy real fast and Rairaha is able to land 5 punches in a minute.


Hikuro punches the ground:Dammit,wish I can help.

Gohan:Mmm.Perhap you can.

Hikuro immediately stand up with hope in his eye:Is that true,Gohan?

Gohan taking out a potara earring:Yes.This is a new and improve version of the potara earring that Shin and I create.The one who will take control of the fused being will be wearing both the earrings and shout the person's name that he or she will and the fusion will occur.When the fused being have two thought at one time,he or she will defuse.

Hikuro grabbing the potara earring:Alright with this I can save Hikari.

Gohan:It is a prototype so there is a chance you and Hikari might not defuse.


As soon the moment Hikuro say Hikari's name,there is a glow that surround both Hikari and Hikuro.

Rairaha:What going on?

Coolza:Guess Gohan is not a idiot like his father.This should prove to be interesting after all.

???:Alright Rairaha.Now it is your turn to have your ass being kick.

Rairaha:I would see you try.

???:What did you say.

Rairaha:What should I call anyway?

???:I am call Hikaro.

Narrator:Wow the two siblings fuse together.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP.
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PostSubject: Re: Coolza Saga   Coolza Saga Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2007 11:01 am

Episode 12:The End of Rairaha

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Hikari is about to be finish off when Hikuro using the new and improve version of potara earrings and fuse with Hikari and become a fused being called himself Hikaro.

Hikaro:Hey,are you just going to stand there doing nothing or are we going to fight?

*fight scene*
Without saying a single word,Rairaha charge at Hikaro trying to punch him in an attempt to test Hikaro's power.Hikaro easily dodge the attack and kick him hard enough to sent him flying upward and hammer Rairaha creating a huge crater.

Rairaha thinking:Incredible.He is able to deal such damage to me.I didn't think that fusion using those two earrings can give such.However,that does not mean I don't stand a chance againist.

Rairaha then start firing countless ki blast in a second but Hikaro defect them all.

Hikaro:Hahaha,is this the best you can do.It time to finish you off.

When Hikaro is about to charge a energy beam to finish Rairaha once and for all,he realise he can no longer move even the slightest bit.

Hikaro:Wait a minute,what in the hell is going on.Why am I unmoveable?

Rairaha:Have you forgotten that I can use wind element too.Those ki blasts have wind energy.When you defect or dodge them,the air will surround you and tie you up like strings.

Hikaro in shocked:Oh no.

Rairaha put both of his hand in front of him:Time to end this.Lightning blaster.

A large energy ball with lightning surrounding it is fires at Hikaro.

Hikaro srceam:AAAAAAHHHHHH

Being hitted by the blast directly,Hikaro collapse on the ground.When the dust clear,Hikaro is lying down in the centre of a crater created by the attack.


Hikaro then stand up slowly.

Rairaha:What no way.It is impossible for him to survive let alone standing up after being hitted by my lightning blaster.

Hikaro:But I survive and stand up after hitted by the attack.Muilt forms.

Hikaro seprate into 4 person surrounded Rairaha.

Rairaha:This is bad.

All 4 Hikaro:Overdrive,Power.Kamehame HHHHHHHAAAAAAA

Rairaha:This can't be happening.

When the attack hit Rairaha,there is a big boom.Rairaha's body is destroy by the 4 kamehameha wave.Hikaro then defuse and return the potara earrins to Gohan.

Gohan taking the potara earrings:Well done you two.Given your power level,it is not easy to defeat the four elite ninjas.

Hikari:We just got lucky.

Hikuro:Yeah.Beside without the earrings,defeating Rairaha is impossible.

Gohan:Still the two done well.Maybe I should take the two of you to celebrate when this is over.

Hikuro and Hikari shouted:YAHOO.

Gohan:Before that we have to defeat Coolza and free all the Nameks.

Then there is a flash of light.When Gohan together with Hikuro and Hikari open their eye,all three of them saw Coolza standing in front of them.

Coolza:I must say that I am impress the two of you.Defeating my four elite ninjas at such young age is something I never think there is even a chance.Why don't you join me.What do you say.

Hikuro:I must say your IQ is at most 20 if you think I will join you.

Gohan:Hikuro stay aside.Remember,this is my battle.

Coolza:So Gohan want to fight at last.

Narrator:Gohan is about to fight his first battle in many years.Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball GP
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Episode 13:Gohan vs Coolza,peace return to the New Namek

On the last episode of Dragonball GP,Hikaro finally defeat Rairaha.When the Z-fighters saw Coolza,Gohan step into battle arena.

Coolza powering to his fifth form:Let me see your power Gohan.

Gohan not powering at all:Don't worry Coolza,I will let you see plenty of it.

*fight scene*
Coolza charge at Gohan as soon he finish powering up.Moving at a speed too fast for the siblings to even follow even for a second.

Hikari:Oh my god,Coolza is fast.

Coolza throw ten thousand punches and kicks in one second.Gohan,using a speed comparable to Coolza,block all the attack like it is nothing.

Hikuro:I guess the same can say for Gohan.Both of his arms disappear.

Deciding to go offence,Gohan fly to the air and fire thousands of ki blasts in less than a second.

Gohan firing ki blasts:Hahhahhahahah

Coolza then take flight while dodging the ki blasts.The moment Coolza reach Gohan,he punch Gohan in the face but it is a after-image.By the time Coolza realise this,he is being hammer by Gohan on his back.

Coolza:Man you are good.

Gohan:Thank for the compliment.However,I hate hear a compliment someone like you.

Coolza powering up even more.

Gohan thinking:I alway wonder is it possible for a changeling to go beyord the fifth level.Guess this is my answer.

Coolza now has a longer tail,a darker colour skin,in place of it red eye,is a baby blue colour eye and have bigger muscle.

Coolza:Behold my 100% full power sisth form.

Gohan:I must say that I am not impressed by your power.

Coolza:What did you say.It is not even possible for Omega Sheron to have power like.

Gohan:I agree but my power is ten times more than Omega's.

Coolza:That is impossible.There is no way anyone have that kind power.

Gohan then power up into Mystic instantly shaking the entire planet in that one moment.

Gohan:Coolza you are wrong.It is possible.

Hikari surprise:Wow.Unbelievable!Gohan is actually that powerful.

Hikuro also surprise:I never think that Gohan has that many power.How in the world Gohan surpress that kind of power without anyone of us noticing.

*fight scene*
Coolza attack at Gohan with 10 000 punches and kicks less than a second but Gohan block all the attack with a finger.Whatmore,he move in such fast speed that Coolza didn't see his entire hand.Gohan then backhand and knee him in the gut hard enough to make him fly.

Gohan:Time to end this.

Coolza then stop himself and charge a energy beam.

Coolza:Complete Chaotic

A black colour energy beam is fire at Gohan.The energy it is giving off,change the weather of the whole planet.

Gohan when Coolza's the energy beam is coming closer to him:Ka Me Ha Me HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA

Gohan's kamehameha wave completly overpower Coolza's Complete Chaotic.

Coolza:This is not suppose to happen.I sorry my brothers.I am unable to get revenge for the two of you.

Coolza's body then fell on the ground.Gohan fire a ki blast at the ground and bury Coolza's body.

Hikuro:Err,Gohan but why do you bury this evil villan.

Hikari:Brother you are one heck of a idiot.Didn't you realise that no one is hurt except for the four elite ninjas.

Hikuro:You mean

Gohan standing up after finishing bury Coolza:Yeah.Coolza only want to kill the three of us.No intention to hurt anyone.Now let free the Nameks and go home.

With that the two brother and sister run off to free the Nameks so they can go back to home.

Meanwhile deep in space,a certain someone is riding a dragon back to Earth.

Narrator:On the next episode of Dragonball GP,a new person attack Goku jr and Vegeta jr and another person return back to Earth.Don't miss the episode Dragonball GP to find out who it is.

Author note:Sorry.This is perhap the worst episode I ever write but with Gohan's power that high,Coolza do not seem like any kind of threat at all.
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Coolza Saga
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