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 Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)

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PostSubject: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:32 pm

Episode 21: Destination Earth

Narrater: On the last episode of Dragonball D, Zaya defeated Ultima and became the new master dragon guardian. Then Zaya, Nightshade, Spectra, Nanoob, and Duo all went their seporate ways.

Zaya is following Freezer's ship to a beautiful blue planet.

Zaya: This is the planet where that energy was coming from. Maybe I'll find some answers here.

Zaya lands on the planet in the middle of a city and saw Freezer coming out of his ship.

Zaya: What are you doing here, Freezer?

Freezer: I came here because I was informed that my twin brother, Coolza, was killed by somebody on this planet. I am here to avenge him.

Zaya: I thought that you consider Coolza to be a weekling.

Freezer: He is. This is a matter of family pride. But I'll leave you with a little going away gift.

Freezer throws a time bomb at Zaya and leavesin his ship. The bomb counted down. 3, 2, 1... Before the bomb exploded, Zaya used his spirit barrior technique to protect all of the people in the city from the explosion.


The bomb exploded and the city went up in flames.

Zaya: I couldn't save the city, but at least the people are alright.

Zaya notices two little kid come. One of them has a normal child like expression on his face and is wearing an orange training shirt and pants. The other kid has a real serious expression and is wearing a shirt that looked like armor. Zaya starts walking towards them. Then the serious kid spoke.

Serious kid: Who are you?

Zaya: I am Zaya, a saiyan...

Childish kid interrupting Zaya: Vegeta I thought we are the only saiyan that survive in the whole universe.

Serious kid: So do I.

Zaya: Excuse me, I am not just an ordinary saiyan. I am a saiyan...

Serious kid interrupting Zaya: Goku maybe he is your great great grandfather or Broly's brother.

Childish kid: How do you get that theory Vegeta.

Serious kid: It is obvious that he is talking rubbish so he is an idiot.

Childish kid: Ah huh.

Serious kid: And the only saiyans that are idiot are Broly and that great great grandfather of your.

Childish kid: I see. You are a genius Vegeta.

Serious kid: You don't have to tell me.


Both kids: Oh OK.

Zaya: Like I said, I am not a ordinary saiyan. I am a saiyan android.

Childish kid: A saiyan...

Serious kid finishing the rest of the sentence: Anrdroid?

Zaya: That right. Now can you be so kind to give me a workout.

Both kids: More than gladly.

<fight secne>
The childish kid charges at Zaya trying to punch but Zaya just takes it into the air. The serious kid then try to launch an assult from Zaya's back. Anticipating this move, Zaya elbows him in the gut without looking at him causing him to fall all the way down.

Serious kid: Goku he is unbelievable.

Childish kid: Let pull out all the stop.

The two kids power up to Super Saiyan 2 and fuse. The result is a form that looks like a child like form of Zaya.

Zaya thinking: That energy! It's the same kind of energy that I sensed long ago. Two energy acting as one. The fusion technique.

SSJ2 fusion kid: Let go.

The new kid flies all the way to Zaya and launch a fury assult of 100,000 punches and kicks in one second. Zaya dodge all the attack and kick him in the face causing him to defuse.

Zaya: Pathetic.

Just as Zaya is about to finish the two boys, someone else gets them out of the way.

Zaya thinking: He looks just like that childish kid.

Zaya: Who are you?

Cildish kid before faint: Great great grandfather.

Serious kid before faint: So this is the legendary Goku.

Narrator: At last Zaya has reached his destination and found two strong children. Don't miss the episode of Dragonball D.

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Mon Mar 12, 2007 2:12 pm

Episode 22: Zaya vs. Goku

Narrater: On the last episode of Dragonball D, Zaya came to a planet and was attacked by two saiyan children, Goku jr and Vegeta jr. But their attack was in vain. When Zaya was about to finish them, another saiyan named Goku came to save them.

Goku going into his fighting stance: Let go

Zaya thinking: My senser is telling me that his power level is very high.

Zaya: Very well.

<fight scene>
Zaya charge at Goku trying to thrust him from the left. Anticipating this move, Goku bends down and kick him in the chin only to kick an after image of Zaya. The next thing he know, Goku was kick to a nearby building by Zaya and the building is destroy due to impact caused when Goku crashed onto it.

Goku thinking: This guy is incredible. Guess I have to take it to the next level.

Goku powers up into super saiyan.

Goku: Let's get this show on the road.

Zaya: As you wish.

Goku flies into the air and fires a countless number of ki blasts at Zaya. Zaya although being hit by the ki blasts, is not hit even the slightest bit. Goku is shocked by the discovery causing him to stop firing ki blasts.

Goku thinking: Shoot! I can''t believe super saiyan is unable to stop him. Time to pull out all the stop.

Goku screaming powering up to super saiyan 4: AAAAHHHH!!!

Zaya thinking: All that power. At last a worthy opponent.

Goku moving into his fighting stance: Time to end this.

Zaya: Guess what I am thinking the same thing.

<fight scene>
Goku rushs to Zaya and they have a struggle pushing each other. Zaya decided to knee Goku but Goku saw this coming and counters it with his knee. Slowly,both warrior started to battle knee to knee while flying to the air at the same time. In midair, Zaya decided to fire a few ki blasts which turn around Goku. However, this is stop when Goku create a energy barrior to protect him. Zaya finally frees his hand and grab Goku's leg and throws him down. When Goku landed, he realise that he is no match againist Zaya.

Goku: Dammit. I am unable to defeat him. Spirt Bomb will take too long. Ka Me...

It was at this time that Goku jr and Vegeta jr wake up.

Goku jr: Vegeta do you know what is happening?

Vegeta jr: How do you expect me to know when I just regained my consciousness, moron?

Zaya: It seem that the young boys is awake but they are no threat.

Zaya charges an energy ball in his hand preparing for his Thunder Strike.

Goku charging his kamehameha wave: Ha Me...

Zaya: Go for it.

Goku use his instant transmission to teleport above Zaya: HHHAAA!!!

Zaya suddenly turn and fire his attack. Zaya's Thunder Strike overpowers Goku's kamehameha wave and deal a fairly serious damage. Zaya fly above Goku and kicks him, sending Goku back to earth creating another crater. Being tired and weak from the fight, Goku went back to his base form. What is more shocking, Goku's tail is cut off from the Zaya's Thunder Strike.

Goku: So this is how it ends.

Zaya fires a Thunder Strike twice as strong as the one he fired on Goku. However, someone deflects the energy beam back to the sky.

Zaya thinking: Another saiyan?

Narrator: Don't mis the next episode of Dragonball D.

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Tue Mar 13, 2007 11:37 am

Episode 23: Zaya vs Gohan

Narrater: On the last episode of Dragonball D, Zaya battled the saiyan, Goku who saved Goku jr and Vegeta jr but even in his Super saiyan 4, he is no match for Zaya. However, another saiyan came arrived to save Goku, Goku jr and Vegeta jr.

Zaya: What is this? Another someone to prevent me from defeating them?

Gohan: That's correct....err whoever you are.

Zaya: The name's Zaya, a saiyan android.

A young boy checking on Goku jr and Vegeta jr: Well someone introduce himself before we ask him. Things like that hardly occur at Namek, right sis.

A young girl checking on Goku: I agree brother. This guy has much more manners than Coolza and his minons.

Goku: Who is this Coolza you guys are talking about?

Gohan: Father, Coolza is Cooler and Freeza youngest brother.

Goku: Those two have a brother? Mind filling the detail Gohan?

Gohan: Sure father. It started a few days ago when...


Gohan: O.K we will fight but not in this place.

Zaya: I agree the people that live here will get hurt.

Gohan: Follow me then.

Zaya and Gohan were about to take off when Goku say something to Gohan.

Goku: Be careful my son. His power is like nothing we ever faced before.

Gohan: I will father.

Zaya and Gohan took off. They landed in a barren wasteland.

Gohan power up to super saiyan: Shall we?

Zaya: Stop asking the obvious.

<fight scene>
Gohan charge at Zaya gathering energy for a energy punch. Zaya not thinking Gohan would make such a move is caught off guard. The damage is strong, sending him crashing into a nearby island.

Zaya powering to a mecha super saiyan: At last a worthy oppnent. Perhap he is the answer to my existen. To defeat him is my purpose.

Zaya flies into the air firing billons of ki blasts all lock on Gohan. When all the smoke and dust is clear, Gohan is inside a energy shield in his super saiyan 2 form.

Gohan: Wow he is awesome.

Gohan and Zaya charge toward each other with 10,000,000 punches and kicks in less than a second. After one minute, Gohan is winning.

Zaya: Gohan my sencer is detecting you are not using your full power. I think it is time to settle things once and for all.

Gohan: Good idea.AAAHHH

Zaya is powering to a mecha super saiyan 2 and Gohan powering into a new form. The two powers shake the planet so violently that Earth almost tear apart.

Zaya: You're no match for me now.

Gohan: What make you so sure. You're still in super saiyan level so your power at most increase by 4 times.

Zaya: For a normal saiyan. Even though that I am only one level up, my power increase 200 times so our power is the same. However, I have much more experience than you. Beside if I am correct, you regain this form not too long ago. I been using this form for over 200 years.

<fight scene>
Zaya rushs to Gohan delivering a blow. Gohan after being hit by the attack, channels all the energy he has into an energy blast.

Gohan: Mystic bang attack.

The attack sends Zaya to the otherside of the wasteland also prevent Gohan from dying by the blow, however he can no longer move for a minute.

Narrator: Zaya has finally found a worthy opponent. But can he win against Gohan's mystic form? Find out in the next episode of Dragonball D.

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:45 pm

Episode 24: Beyond The Mystic Form

Narrater: On the last episode of Dragonball D, Zaya faced off against Gohan and was losing. However, when the two warriors power up to their maximum, Zaya won against Gohan due to more experience.

Zaya: What did you do that for? Didn't you know you will still die in the end.

Gohan: Sure I know but as long I am alive, I will not give up.

Zaya: Is that so? But in the end it doesn't even matter.

Zaya is about to fire the attack but Goku in his super saiyan 3 form knock him away.

Gohan: Father

Hikari: Brother ready to fuse.

Hikuro wearing an earring: Ready as alway Hikari.

Zaya thinking: Those earrings are giving off spirit energy!

There is a flash of light and in between Hikari and Hikuro stood Hikaro.

Zaya thinking: A fusion without the fusion pose?!

Hikaro in an arrogent voice: Say your prayer, Zaya.

Vegeta jr: Our turn Vegeta.

Vegeta jr and Goku jr power up to super saiyan 2.

Vegeta jr and Goku jr: Fffuuusss...sion...HA!!!

Gogeta jr: Let get this over with.

Zaya: Why don't they just give up?

<fight scene>
Hikaro fires 100,000 ki blasts in a second at Zaya's head. Zaya defsects the attack to Gogeta jr. Gogeta jr fires an energy beam to counter the attack. Goku, Gogeta jr and Hikaro surround Zaya and launch a fury assult on Zaya. Zaya blocks all the moves with ease and deliver an elbow each at their heart. The blow hurt them so badly that all of them change back to their base form and Gogeta jr defuses unconscious.

Gohan standing up since one minute has pass: No,

At that moment, Gohan felt a rush of pain and rage at his heart. As Gohan began to yell, Zaya senses a great power coming from within Gohan. Gohan transforms. His muscle increase in size, his eyes become gold, then his aura become light blue.

Zaya thinking: What increadible power! His energy and his life force are fusing together!

Zaya: What in the world is going on?!

Gohan: I will never forget you, ZAYA.

Gohan charge up his strongest energy beam.

Gohan: Supreme Kamemasenko!!!

Supreme Kamemasenko is so powerful, Zaya is sent flying into outer space in his base form. With his remaining energy, Zaya flies to a planet closest to Earth to recover.

Zaya thinking: What power. Gohan has the potential to be the master dragon guardian. But I haven't revealed my mecha super saiyan for to him yet though.

Narrator: Zaya was beaten with ease by Gohan. But can he compete with Zaya's mecha super saiyan 4? Don't miss the next episode of Dragonball D.

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Sat Mar 17, 2007 1:00 pm

Episode 25: A New Allience

Narrater: On the last episode of Dragonball D, Zaya was easily overpowered by Gohan's new form. With the last of his energy, Zaya went to a nearby planet to recover.

Zaya is resting unconcious when two of Freezer's hunchman find him and take him away.

Hunchman #1: Freezer will certainly reward us for capturing Zaya.

Hunchman #2: And I'm sure that Zaya will be grateful for healing him. Then he'll side with Freezer and become one of his warriors.

Hunchman #1: Let's get him into the recovery chamber.

Meanwhile on a far away planet, Gohan regains conciousness.

Hikari: Gohan, you're finally awake.

Hikuro: At last. In case you don't know, my sis is even more worried about you than Goku was. I think she has a crush on you.

Gohan quickly protest: But I'm married.

Hikuro: Just marry 1 more time.

Hikari blush at the comment.

Goku jr: I'm not that worried Hikuro.

Vegeta jr: It is your great great grandfather Hikuro is refering to. I think it is best to call you jr than Goku to avoid confusion.

Meanwhile at one of Freezer's conquered planets, Planet Kimeno, Zaya is in a recovering chamber.

Hunchman#1: Who could have done this to him?

Hunchman#2: I don't know, but they must have been very powerful.

Hunchman#1: They couldn't be anything that Freezer's elite wariors couldn't handle.

Hunchman#2: I've already sent the message to Freezer.

Zaya thinking in the recovering chamber: Those fools. I will stop them.

Fully recovered, Zaya bursts out of the recovery chamber and heads toward Earth. Meanwhile on the Supreme Kai's planet, Gohan senses a disturbance.

Gohan: Someone is leading an attack on Earth.

Hikari: Actually, there is no hurry.

Gohan: What do you mean?

Hikuro: All those years have passed. The earthlings have at least power a level near Nappa.

Elder Kai holding his crystal ball to prove to Gohan. All of a sudden, Zaya appear to stop the battle.

The Z-fighters through Goku(using instant transmission)get back on Earth.

Vegeta jr: What do you want, Zaya?

Zaya: I want to stop the battle.

Hikuro: Or do you wish to fight us.

Zaya: I will not fight. All of you prove to be worthy to be a allies of mine. Besides I can tell that you are protecters like me. Will you let me to help you?

Gohan put out his left hand: More than gladly.

Zaya and Gohan shake hands and thus forming a new alliance

Goku jr: Goku why did youcome back in the first place?

Vegeta jr: Yeah how come.

Goku: The reason I am back because...

Whatever Goku wanted to say is paused because a giant portal to the otherworld with the exception the Supreme Kai planet has opened.

Goku: Shoot I am too late.

Narrator: What is happening? What will happen when the portal is open find out in the next episode of Dragonball D.

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:23 pm

Episode 26: The Dead Revived

Narrater: Previously on Dragonball D, Zaya returns to earth and faces Gohan and the others once again...But this time as allies.

Goku worried: No, this is not good.

Gohan: Father, what's going on?

Goku: I heard that Freeza and Cooler were planning on opening a portal between the living world and the dead. I came here to warn you and hopefully stop it before it happened.

Gohan: But in order to do that, there has to be energy coming from both worlds.

Hikuro: And Gohan killed Coolza.

Hikari: And he was the last member of their family.

Zaya: No he wasn't.

Hikari: What are you talking about?

Zaya: Coolza has a twin brother, Freezer. And he's much stronger than Coolza.

Gohan: If Freezer's so powerful, why can't I sense his power level?

Zaya: Because he's that good at hiding it. Freezer's the one who blew up that city. If I wasn't there at that time, everybody in that city would be dead now.

???: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well well, Goku. Long time no see.

Goku suprised: Cell?!

Gohan: Don't think that you're strong enough to beet us now.

Cell: There are a few problems with what your saying.

Gohan: What?!

Cell: Number one is that I have grown 1,000 times stronger since I absorbed super 17.

Goku: Oh no!!!

Cell: Number two is that you can't kill what is already dead. And because of the saiyan DNA in me, I will only grow stronger and stronger.

Zaya: Saiyan DNA?

Goku: Cell is an android created by docter Gero with the DNA of all of the strongest warriors in the universe.

Zaya: This will be interesting then. A battle between two androids infused with saiyan DNA. And I am pretty sure that docter Gero has never met me.

Narrater: Cell, another android infused with DNA has arived. But who is stronger, Zaya or Cell? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragonball D.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Wed Mar 28, 2007 3:26 pm

Episode 27: Android vs Android, DNA vs DNA

Narrater: Last time on Dragonball D, Zaya met another android infused with DNA called Cell.

Cell: You obviously don't know who you're dealing with. I'd run away if I were you.

Zaya: That's funny, I was going to say the exact same thing.

Cell getting frustrated: You've got some nerve talking to me like that!

Zaya: Then let's stop talking and let's fight.

<fight scene>
Cell charges at Zaya and punchs. Zaya interpreting this catchs Cells fist.

Zaya: Your fighting style is to slow and to predictable. You fell into my trap without me even setting one.

Cell: If my fighting style is really that predictable, then you'd reallize that you're the one who fell into my trap.

Cell knees Zaya in the stomache and throws him 500 feet into the air. Then two other people attacks Zaya in the air and throw him to the ground.

???: It's been a long time, Goku.

???: And this time you won't be able to kill us.

Goku: Freeza and Cooler.

Freeza: That's right. I'm back for revenge!

Cooler: I see that they're making android monkeys now.

Zaya getting back up: Heheheh. The joke's on you, Freeza. I was made before you destroyed planet Vegeta.

Freeza suprised: WHAT?!

Zaya: Since you couldn't destroy me then, what makes you think that you can destroy me now?

Freeza enraged: Even if you're an android, you're still just a monkey!

Goku: I thought that you wanted to settle the score with me.

Cooler: Come on, Freeza. Goku's our target. When we're done with him, then we can go after Zaya.

Coolza coming out of nowhere: And Gohan's mine.

Gohan shocked: COOLZA?!

Cell: Well well. I guess it's just you and me, Zaya.

Zaya powering up into mecha super saiyan: Come on, Let's go!

<fight scene>
Zaya shoots one million ki basts at Cell in one second. Every shot hit, but when the smoke cleared, Cell was unharmed.

Cell mocking Zaya: That tickled a little. So when are you going to attack?

Cell shoots a single ki blast at Zaya. Zaya managed to block the ki blast, but was damaged afterwards.

Zaya thinking: How can he be so strong?! I shot one million ki blasts at him and was unharmed without even blocking. He just shot one ki blast at me and I blocked it. But I'm still damaged.

Cell: Is that all you've got? I'm dissapointed. Well that just shows that you're a disgrace to all androids.

Zaya powering up: If you think that I'm done yet, then you're highly mistaken. I guess that I'll have to just raise the stakes. HAAA!!!

Zaya transforms into mecha super saiyan 2 when a ship arives.

Zaya thinking: I recognize that ship!

Narrater: Is Cell to strong for Zaya to handle? And who's ship just came? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball D.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:15 am

Episode 28: Old Friends Reunite

Narrater: Last time, Zaya went one on one against Cell and was unsuccessful. Then a familiar ship came. But who's ship is it?

While Zaya was focused on the ship, Cell attacks him from behind.

Cell: You sould never take your focus off your opponent, Zaya.

Zaya laughing: That just proves that you're weak, Cell. Otherwise you wouldn't be afraid take me head on.

Cell: All's fair in love and war.

Zaya: I guess you're right about that. Thunder strike!

Zaya shot a thunderbolt at Cell sending him flying back 50 feet. The door to the ship opened up and two people walked out.

Zaya: Just so you know, our odds just went up. It's good to see you again, Nanoob.

Goku escaping from Freeza and Cooler: A yardrat?!

Nanoob: My name is Nanoob. And this is my friend, Duo.

Duo: It's great to see you again, Zaya!

Zaya: The feeling's mutual. But what are you two doing here?

Nanoob: I don't know. I just had the feeling that you needed our help. And it appears that you do.

Zaya: Well I already have some help.

Goku: Hi, I'm Goku.

Gohan: I am Gohan, the supreme kai.

Hikuro: I'm Hikuro.

Hikari: And I'm Hikari.

Goku jr: Goku jr.

Vegeta jr: And Vegeta jr.

Gohan: It's nice to meet you.

Freezer coming out of nowhere attacks Nanoob and Duo.

Freezer: Just like moths to a flame, people always come to help their friends. But these moths came to close to the flame and got burnt.

Zaya enraged: Freezer, how did you and your brothers open that portal?!

Freezer: You can thank the eternal dragon for that.

Goku confused: But Shenron doesn't have that kind of power.

Coolza: There are several sets of dragon balls. That means there are several eternal dragons.

Cooler: These dragonballs exist in other realm. They were sent to us by an anonomyse stranger with instructions.

Freezer: Even though the dragonballs are in other realm, the eternal dragon appears in the earth realm.

Zaya: But who sent you the dragon balls?

Freeza: We don't even know.

Out of nowhere, another friend appears.

???: It's been a long time, Zaya. I think it was about a year ago, right?

Zaya: I'd recognize that voice anywhere. It's been a long time, Nightshade.

Nightshade: I came because I sensed a disturbance. An eternal dragon was summoned that was never meant to be summoned. Kindayo, the eternal dragon of the spirit dragonballs.

Zaya: You can thank Cooler and Freeza for that.

Goku: How many people have you met, Zaya.

Zaya: You'd be suprised what's out there.

Goku: Try me.

???: You all wouldn't be starting a party without me, would you Zaya?

Out of nowhere, Spectra appeared.

Zaya: So the gang's all here. Me, Nanoob, Duo, Nightshade, and Spectra. As you can see, Cell, our odds went way up.

Narrater: Zaya, Nanoob, Duo, Nightshade, and Spectra are together again just like in the past. But who sent Cooler and Freeza the spirit dragonballs? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragonball D.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Wed Apr 18, 2007 3:09 pm

Episode 29: Uta, The Silver Super Saiyan

Narrater: Last time on Dragonball D, Zaya has reunited with his old friends. But will it be enough?

Zaya: So Cell, do you think that you have what it takes to take on my mecha super saiyan 3 form?

Cell: No matter how strong you get, no living being can kill me!

Zaya with confidence: Then obviously you don't realize that I have a special ability when I'm in mecha super saiyan 3.

Cell: Oh really? What is it?

Zaya: Why spoil the suprise?

Cell: I thought that you wanted to play fair.

Zaya mocking Cell: All's fair in love and war.

Cell getting frustrated: You have some nerve! No matter what abilities you have, you will never kill me!

Zaya transforming into mecha super saiyan 3: Well we'll just have to see about that!

Goku confused: What special ability is he talking about?

Gohan: I don't know, but we have our own problems to worry about.

As Goku and Gohan prepare to fight Freeza, Cooler, and Coolza, Zaya prepares to fight Cell. That's when a voice comes from nowhere and interupts them.

???: Enough! You've all been useful. But you're no longer of any use to me.

Nanoob: Who's there?!

Vegeta jr: I think that he's hiding because he's afraid of our power!

Goku jr: You are always getting us into trouble when you talk like that.

Vegeta jr: But we always get ourselfs out of trouble to, don't we?

Someone appears from the darkness. A saiyan with long silver hair, silver eyes, and a silver aura.

Cooler: Who are you?!

???: Haven't you figured it out yet? I am the one who sent you the spirit dragonballs. I am Uta.

Freeza: We don't need any help from a monkey!

Uta: I wasn't helping you, I was just using you. Now that I have no other use for you, I will now destroy you.

Uta swings his hand causing an energy wave to blow Freeza, Cooler, and Coolza back through the portal.

Zaya thinking: What is that energy? It's like a super saiyan energy, but different.

Hikuro and Hikari: Thank you for you help mister Uta.

Uta then smacks Hikuro and Hikari, knocking them unconsious. Goku jr runs over to them to see if they're okay. Then a look of worry overtook him.

Goku jr in shock: G-guys, they're not b-b-breathing!!!

Gohan worried: What?! Father, take them to the supreme kai's planet and take them to Kabito! HURRY!!!

Goku: Right. But what about you?

Gohan: I will fight with Zaya against Uta. Now get going!!!

Goku took the kids and teleported away.

Duo: Uta is way to strong. What is he?

Zaya: He's a super saiyan. But what kind I don't know. His power is coming strait from his life force.

Uta: It's called the silver super saiyan form. It's when the spirit itself transforms into a super saiyan.

Narrater: How is it posible that the spirit itself can transform into a super saiyan? And what does Uta want? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragonball D.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Thu May 03, 2007 12:37 pm

Episode 30: An Unstoppable Foe

Narrater: Last time on Dragonball D, Zaya and the others met the silver super saiyan, Uta.

Zaya: My sensers can tell that your silver super saiyan form is powered by your life force.

Gohan: That would mean that if you use up all of your life force energy, you will cease to exsist.

Uta: Normally that would be true. But since I was born in the spirit world, My life force is my normal energy so that rule doesn't aply to me.

Just then, Goku reappears.

Goku: Gohan, I have some bad news.

Gohan worried: No! Don't tell me that Hikuro and Hikari are dead!

Goku: No, that's not it. In fact there's no sign of them dying soon.

Gohan confused: Then what's the bad news?

Goku: Kabito can't cure whatever Uta did to them and they're still not breathing.

Uta: That is thanks to me. I sent part of my life force into them. I could kill them whenever I want to.

Zaya enraged: He's holding thier lives in his hands!

Goku: So why doesn't he kill them?

Gohan enraged: Because his intention isn't to kill them, it's to tourture them. He's a monster!

Zaya: Gohan, I think now is a good time to take off your weighted clothing.

Gohan: How did you know that I was wearing weighted clothing?

Zaya: For one, I can sense more strain on you energy than normal. Second, you're moving to slow to match up with you energy. So I determaned that you're wearing one thousand pound worth of weighted clothing.

Gohan: You're exactly right, Zaya.

Duo: leave it to Zaya to come up with a pin point answer.

Nanoob: Goku, take me to Hikuro and Hikari. I might be able to do something.

Goku: What could you do?

Nanoob: I'm not known as the guardian angel for nothing. Let's go, Duo.

Nanoob and Duo went with Goku to Hikuro and Hikari.

Zaya: Now it's time to show you my special ability of my mecha super saiyan 3 form!

Uta laughing: I already know what it is. You have the ability of terraforming. But it won't work!

A vine grew from the ground behind Uta and made a spear. The spear was about to strike Uta, but it changed it's course and went strait towards Zaya.

Zaya suprised: What the..?

The vine spear struck right through Zaya's power core. Zaya reverted back to his base form. Then he colapsed on the ground.

Gohan losing control of his rage and transforming into his supreme mystic form: Zaya!!! Why you, you're going to pay!!!

Gohan gathers energy for his supreme kamehasenco blast. But right before he shoots it, he notices Zaya getting up.

Zaya getting up: Wait, you'll need to save your energy.

Gohan powering down confused: You're alive?

Zaya laughing: Let's just say that wasn't the first time that I was "killed". My true power core is my will.

Uta: Appearantly your friend was successful. I no longer have those kid's lives in my hands.

Uta gives off a burst of energy, sending Zaya, Gohan, Nightshade, and Specra flying miles in seporate directions.

Narrater: How can Zaya and the others defeat Uta? Stay tuned.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Mon May 14, 2007 3:38 pm

Episode 31: Fusion Time

Narrater: Last time on Dragonball D, Uta was able to blast everybody away just by powering up.

Zaya lands 20 miles away from Uta. Then Uta appears in front of Zaya. Zaya punchs at Uta faster than the speed of light, but Uta catchs Zaya's hand.

Uta crushing Zaya's hand: Do you really think you can win? You're so pathetic.

Uta tears off Zaya's arm then kicks him in the side of his head, knocking him unconciouss.

Uta: Be glad that I was merciful on you. I didn't use any energy attacks.

Uta then leaves. Gohan finds Zaya and takes him to the supreme kai's planet to recover.

Gohan: Kabito, can you help Zaya?

Kabito: I don't know. I've never tried to heal an android. But I'll try.

Kabito uses his healing powers on Zaya. Wires began to come out of Zaya's shoulder where his arm was torn off. They began to attach themselves to the arm. Zaya's arm was reattached and Zaya woke up.

Zaya still dazed: What happened?

Kabito: You're on the supreme kai's planet. Gohan brought you here.

Gohan: Unfortunately, we aren't strong enough to beet Uta.

Zaya: But what if we used fusion? Me and you, Gohan.

Goku: You just may have a chance.

Gohan: It's worth a shot.

Zaya: Do you know the fusion pose?

Gohan grabbing a pair of earings: Why not just use these. These are potara. They are fusion earings. Hikari and Hikuro used these to become Hikaro.

Someone comes walking toward the fighters.

???: You wouldn't forget about me, would you, Kakarot?

Goku: Hey, Vegeta!

Vegeta: You know that I wouldn't consider fusing with you unless it was our only hope. Uta is the son of Broly. I don't even think that super saiyan 4 Gogeta can stop him.

Goku: Are you saying that we need to go super saiyan 5?

Vegeta: Yes.

Zaya and Gohan put on the potara and fused together.

???: I can already tell that I can go into super saiyan 5. I think the name Gaia is a sutable name for me.

Narrater: Can Gaia, the fusion of Zaya and Gohan beet Uta? Stay tuned.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Tue Jun 19, 2007 3:16 pm

Episode 32: Super Saiyan 5 Gaia

Narrater: Last time on Dragonball D, Zaya and Gohan fused together and became Gaia. But does Gaia have what it takes to defeat Uta?

Gaia turning towards Goku and Vegeta: It's your turn.

Goku and Vegeta performing the fusion dance: Fu...sion, ha!!!

Gogeta: Now it's time to show Uta what real power is!

Nanoob: your not going to leave us out of the fight, are you?

Gaia: It could get dangerous.

Nightshade: You should know that wouldn't stop us.

Nanoob and Duo performing the fusion dance: Fu...sion, ha!!!

???: You can call me Dune.

Nightshade and Spectra performing the fusion dance: Fu...sion, ha!!!

???: Just call me Nitro.

Gaia powers up to super saiyan 5. His hair grew as long as a super saiyan 3. He has the fur of a super saiyan 4. his hair and fur was white.

Super Saiyan 5 Gaia: This is increadible! I've never felt a power like this! I am invincable!

Gogeta transforming into super saiyan 4: Come on, let's kick some but!

Narrater: Can the power of the super saiyan 5 really defeat Uta? Find out on the next Dragonball D.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)   Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:57 pm

Episode 33: Uta's Downfall

Narrater: Last time on Dragonball D, Gaia, the fusion of Zaya and Gohan transformed into a level of super saiyan that has never been reached before, a super saiyan 5. But is it enough to stop Uta?

Supreme Kai: I'll teleport you to earth. then you're on your own.

Gaia: That's fine with me...

Gogeta: We have to hurry. In super saiyan 4, the fusion only lasts for 15 minutes.

Uta appearing out of nowhere: I'll save you the trouble of looking for me.

Gaia kicks Uta on the head knocking him down.

Uta getting back up: I see that you're stronger in that form. But you're still pathetic.

Gaia powering up: We'll just see about that!

<fight scene>
Gaia and Uta charged at each other in a melee of billions of punches and kicks in a fraction of a second. Gogeta and Nitro joined in making it a 3 on 1 melee. When the four of them stoped they were out of breath.

Gaia powering up: Masenko strike!

Gaia shot an energy beam strong enough to destroy a galaxy. The beam hit Uta. But when the attack was done, Uta was still standing, but weakened.

Uta gasping for air: I guess...I

Gogeta suprised: He's still alive?!

Gaia: Yes, but just. We're going to have to work together on this.

Gogeta powering up: I get ya!

Gaia powering up: Kamesenko lightning fist!!!

Gogeta: Big bang, kamehameha!!!

Gaia's Kamesenko lightning fist was enhanced by Gogeta's big bang kamehameha. The combined energies created a swirling vortex around Gaia's fist. The vortex turned into a black whole. When Gaia punched Uta, the energy was sucked out of Uta thanks to the black whole.

Uta was laying on the ground. His body was beginning to vanish.

Uta vanishing: This can't be hap...

Before Uta could finish, he was gone. Just then, Gaia reverted back to his base form and fainted. Gogeta's fusion then split.

Goku running to Gaia: What happened to Gaia?! We have to take the potara off of him and help!

Vegeta: No, Kakarot! His energy is to low. If he defuses now, he...or they...or whatever...would die.

Supreme Kai: Vegeta's right. Kabito, can you help him?

Kabito walking towards Gaia: I'll see what I can do.

Kabito used his healing powers on Gaia. An hour later, Gaia regained conciousness and took off the potara, defusing back to Gohan and Zaya.

Zaya still a little disoriented: What happened?

Gohan also disoriented: The last thing I remember was Uta vanishing.

Nightshade: Yes. You were able to defeat Uta.

Gohan: Then why do I still have a bad feeling?

Zaya: Yeah, I also have it.

Spectra: He did vanish. But that doesn't mean that he's dead yet.

Gohan getting up: Zaya, can I speak to you in private?

Zaya: Sure.

Zaya and Gohan went so nobody could hear them.

Gohan: When we're fused, our minds become one.

Zaya: What you're saying is that You know about the silver star dragonballs?

Gohan: And the dragon guardians.

Zaya: Then you know how to get the dragonballs.

Gohan: I have to prove myself to them. For Tonya, it's speed. For Terra, it's becoming one with nature. For Anu, it's power. For Cindra, it's transformation. For Spectra, it's the power of the spirit. For Nightshade, it's loyalty. And for you, the master dragon guardian, I have to prove it all.

Zaya: You have already proven to me spirit, loyalty, power, speed, and transformation.

Cindra, Anu, and Tonya arived.

Anu: We were watching the whole time.

Cindra: Does it count if they were fused together?

Tonya: Why not? Gohan was part of the fusion.

Zaya: I'm probably saying this because Gohan's my friend now, but I think that he does deserve the dragonballs.

Tonya, Cindra, Anu, Spectra, and Nightshade gave Gohan their dragonballs.

Zaya: When I made my wish, I revived the saiyan race. I'm going to leave to see how the're doing.

Gohan: You'll be back, won't you?

Zaya: You can count on it. See ya!

Goku noticing Zaya leaving: Where's Zaya going?

Gohan acting casual: Just to travel the universe. But he'll be back.

Narrater: Zaya is now off to find the saiyan race that he revived. But will he like what he sees? Find out on the next Dragonball D.
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Earth Saga (episodes 21-33)
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