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 The Pain of Deception (DBD Movie)

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PostSubject: The Pain of Deception (DBD Movie)   The Pain of Deception (DBD Movie) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 30, 2008 5:02 pm

Freezer: Zaya, you're now at the point where you can actually stand a chance against me. So why are you leaving without fighting me? Is it because of another set of dragonballs that you must attend to? But of course it is. The gold star dragon guardians to be precise.

Narrater: Zaya, on his way to earth to help his friends, can't help but feel like he's forgeting something.

Zaya looking over at Myritryx: Have you ever had the feeling that you left something undone?

Myritryx: What always helps me when I feel like that is back tracking.

Zaya: Well before I met you and Era, I remember is taking Millenia out of commision. Before that, I destroyed Koppion.

Myritryx with a dark glare at the mention of his counterpart: Anything else?

Zaya stopping in his place with a look of shock: Freezer!

Freezer appearing behind Zaya and Myritryx: So you haven't forgotten about me.

Zaya without turning around: What do you want, Freezer?

Freezer: A rematch.

Zaya: So what you’re saying is that I'll finally be a challenge now?

Freezer: I'm just saying that you'll be worth my time. But I suggest that you be on your guard when I attack. I'm even generous enough to give you to the count of five. Five... Four...

Zaya: I can't fight you.

Freezer: Three... Two...

Zaya: I don't have time for this!

Freezer: One...

Zaya then turned around and took a defensive position: Apperantly I don't have a say in the matter.

Myritryx turning around with Zaya: You're not really thinking about fighting him, are you Zaya?

Freezer: You've done quite well, Myritryx. Much better than you counterpart, Koppion. He didn't know not to give himself away. You're a very great actor.

Myritryx grinning: Why thank you.

Zaya looking over at Myritryx in surprise: You tricked me!

Myritryx: I can mimic others perfectly. Abilities, energies, even how others think and react.

Freezer: But don't worry. He won't interfere with our battle.

Zaya transforming into super saiyan: You led me here on purpose, didn't you?! You never intended to actually help out! I suppose Era had the same intensions as you?!

Myritryx: No, of course not. I was just that good at deceiving him, too.

Freezer transforming: I would advise that you transform into super saiyan 4 in order to stand a chance against me.

Zaya charged at Freezer at full power. Freezer swung Zaya away... but missed. Zaya used the time travel ability that he learned. Zaya appeared behind Freezer and kicked him in the back, causing him to stumble.

Freezer: Not bad. I believe you learned that from Era.

Zaya: Millenia actually.

Zaya then transformed into super saiyan 2. But his hair became a little darker.

SS2 Zaya: I will destroy you, Freezer! And as for you, Myritryx, don't think that you'll get away! YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Zaya charged at Freezer again, this time at a super sonic speed. He blasted Freezer at point blank range. The blast caused an explosion a mile in diameter. When the smoke cleared, Freezer had his arms in a defensive position unharmed.

Freezer: I have to give you credit. I've never had to put my guard up for an attack. But when I attack, no guard will protect you.

Freezer then kicked Zaya in the gut, then an uppercut, then teleported behind Zaya and kicked him in the back, sending him flying forward. Then Freezer teleported in front of Zaya and did another uppercut, sending him flying into the air. Then he teleported again above Zaya and pounded him, sending him falling to the ground. The fall created an enormous crator.

Freezer: That was pathetic. Although I'm impressed that you are still in one piece.

Zaya struggling to get back up: You...think you've...won? Well I'm...not beaten yet!

Zaya then transformed again into super saiyan 3, and again, his hair went darker. His hair was now an orange color. He then used his terraforming ability to create a body of stone surrounding him. Zaya and Freezer then charged at each other. They were in a brawl. Every time Freezer was knocked down, he got right back up. Every time Zaya stone armor was damaged, he used the ground around him to replace the damaged armor. Their speed was to fast for Myritryx to track, so he just stayed on the sidelines.

Freezer: Wow! I've never had this much fun! But unfortunately, I'm going to have to end it here.

Zaya: Are you sure that you've got what it takes to beat me?

Freezer: If this was my limit, perhaps not. But if you thought that this was my limit, then you obviously don't remember much from our last encounter.

Freezer began to power up. One million, ten million, one hundred million, one billion, and still rising. Zaya began to power up as well. But there was a darkness coming from his energy. Zaya began to transform.

Zaya transforming: You will pay! BOTH OF YOU!!!

Zaya then transformed again, but not into super saiyan 4. His form reverted back to his super saiyan form, but different. His hair became a dark blue color that had a glow to it. The blacks and whites of his eyes were inverted. His anger caused him to transform into the dark super saiyan. He then powered up. His power level matched Freezer's current level. He then vanished and reappeared infront of Freezer, attacking him with an uppercut that sent him flying into the air. Zaya disappeared and reappeared again in front of Freezer. Zaya grabbed Freezer by the throat and slammed him into the ground. Zaya then jumped back into the sky and shot billions of dark ki blasts at Freezer in just a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Myritryx was enjoying what he was seeing. But that ended when he had a memory of Zaya, Kryon, and the others. And a feeling that he has never felt before... A feeling of friendship; a feeling of being welcomed; a feeling of being cared for.

Myritryx looking at Zaya with guilt: I did this. That thing that used to be Zaya is my own creation. Rrrr, why am I thinking like this?!

Zaya turning toward Myritryx, speaking in a growl: Now it's your turn!

Freezer got back up. But for the first time, he was in pain.

Freezer: You have to make sure that your opponent is dead before you turn your back. You've got increadible power, I'll give you that. But what you have in power, you lack in control.

Freezer then began to power up even more. His power level was too high to measure

Myritryx thinking: If Zaya stays in that form for to long, the darkness may be irreversible.

Zaya also powered up as well. Nowhere near Freezer's power level, but like Freezer, Zaya's power level was too high to measure.

Freezer: You may be strong, but you can't win against me.

Freezer punched Zaya in the gut, the power causing a shockwave that was sensed throughout the entire galaxy.

Myritryx: His power is his weakness! He's like a baloon with to much air!

Zaya thinking rationally: He's got power. But his body can't contain it. He appearently doesn't know that.

Zaya began to gather energy, condensing it into his hand for an attack. Before he was finished, Freezer attacked. He attack again in Zaya's gut. This time it broke the surface, causing wires and mechanics to show. Zaya lost most of the energy that he gathered. While Freezer had his fist in Zaya's gut, he shot an energy blast directly into Zaya. The blasts caused several short circuits in Zaya. Zaya used the energy he gathered and created a spear that he shot into Freezer before he colapsed. The spear acted like a pin poking into a baloon. Energy was draining from Freezer, destroying him in the process. But Zaya was also seriously damaged.

Zaya trying to get to Myritryx: I…won’t stop…until…I’m through…with you!

Myritryx: I do deserve whatever you want to do to me. But that dark form that you’re in now isn’t who you are. You’ve become something you’re not, and it’s my fault. And that’s why I deserve to be killed hear and now. But if you stay in that evil form, that dark super saiyan, the affects will become irreversible.

Zaya then stopped; too weak to continue forward.

Myritryx: But let me tell you this. You, Kryon, the others, you all cared for me, accepted me, and even befriended me. Nobody has ever done that before. And for the first time, I felt wanted, and not just to be used. I think you, of all people, persuaded me to the side of good. And I don’t want you to be what I made you, like what I was. Imagine what your friends would think if they say you like this.

Zaya’s face that was full of darkness and rage, softened and he reverted back to his base form.

Zaya weak: You’d better mean what you’re saying.

Then Zaya passed out.

Zaya then woke up and sat up.

Myritryx: It’s about time you got up.

Zaya: How long have I been out?

Myritryx: About 4 days. So what punishment are you going to give me for betraying you?

Zaya: Well you did hint on how to beat Freezer. Also you helped me back from the darkness. You also know what’ll happen if you betray me like that.

Zaya stood up, then collapsed.

Myritryx: I think you still need time to regain your energy.

The next day, they were once again on there way to the planet Earth to find out what’s going on as Zaitryx, using a combination of his speed and time travel ability, which got him there in no time…Literally.

Narrater: Now that Freezer is out of the way, there’s nobody in the way of Zaya and Myritryx going to Earth. But the darkness that was in Zaya had it’s toll on him. Will he ever be the same?

Zaitryx: We should agree not to talk about this situation ever again.
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The Pain of Deception (DBD Movie)
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