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 Guide for making a decent character sheet

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Guide for making a decent character sheet Empty
PostSubject: Guide for making a decent character sheet   Guide for making a decent character sheet Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 6:31 am

I think the concept of the name is obvious. If you're having trouble with picking a name, just be patient and wait until later to think of a name. If you post a character that doesn't have a name, please indicate that you haven't named your character yet.

A nickname is optional. If your character prefers to go by a different name other than his actual name or something like that, that's when you give yur character a nickname.

Now you should know there hasn't been alot of problems with this section now too explain why it is because the creator's decide too make their character's age fit them

Again, this is optional. Your character could be a human, an alien, an animal, or a single celled organism for all I care. But if you leave this blank, it will be asumed that your character is human.

This should be obvious...I hope. (If not, have your character pull down their pants and look down to see what's there. Laughing )

Once again, optional. But this will help others give a perspective about their size.

In other words how heavy your character is. Again optional.

This has a limit now there can be profiles what have IQ of over 300. Now the limit is, well, 300. But for an average I would say 150 to 170. Anything over 300 and over is clearly god modded because the character would know where an attack was going in a fight and intercept it.

Marital Status:
If he is single, married etc.

Aka Date of Birth

Birth Place:
Now this part is one of the "Damn I gotta think of a name for the place." Well too make it easier try making it something with something that exists. Just don't put something like "A city" more specific! Just make up a city or a town that doesn't cause alot of stress.

Well if you have a character living in a city or a town then be my guest as long as it isn't something like "An apartment." If you be more specific, people would understand where the character was living. But if the character isn't living in a city or a town, then put the words None or put N/A (Not avaiable).

This is optional, but try putting some originallity in your character.

Social Class:
Now most people don't understand what this means. If they put the word poor that means they are anti-social meaning they don't talk too others alot. I recommend that you choose average so that it's not to confusing for you.

Economic Class:
Ok now I have seen many mistakes here because people don't know what the word "Economic" means. But I'll explain to make it easier for you too understand. It is how much money he has. To make things simple, there are three choices; poor, average, and rich.

No mistakes here either most people usually pick either good or neutral. If you want too make your character neutral but prefer not to be a bad guy, then put Neutral/Good. So if your gonna ask me "what's the difference?", well the difference is that Neutral character's are not on any side at all and if they have another alignment they sometimes help out that certain side.


Special Attacks:
They are your special attacks that can be like DBZ styled, but please explain how they work and what effect they do.

Abilities and Aptitude:
Now these are your normal techniques, Explain what they do but please don't put it too detailed.

Hobbies and Talents:
Ok many people have put stuff related too defeating people for fun yeah we get the point. But put hobbies like reading, drawing, etc.

Ok now every character MUST have a weakness. The reason is because character's in fights attack each other sometimes with elemental attacks. Now understanding this is easy, but there has to be an element what you are vulnerable too.

Personal Facts:
Most leave this out and move along because this part isn't really that important.

Ok now remember this do not put other people's character's in this section unless you ask them first

Ok Rival's are a bit like enemies, (you could even consider them as friends) but have a tend too keep fighting your character and coming back. Just don't put someone's character down without permission.

Basically the common bad guys you usually face.

Known Relatives:
If your character doesn't have any known relitives, put 'none' rather than leaving it blank. But also, try not to go overboard with relatives.

Likes/Favourite activities:
What they enjoy doing the most, and "defeating people for fun" does not count. So put that is more related what he does in the character's free time.

Dislikes/Least favourite activities:
Now the words "Not defeating people" is complete rubbish, but stuff like "studying" is acceptable.

Gourmet of choice:
Basically the character's favourite food. It can be the same as your own. Of course this is optional and just for fun.

Beverage(s) of choice:
It's your character's favourite drink usually people put down "Coca-Cola" or something like that. Again, just for fun.

Favourite colour(s):
There is no explaination needed here.

Catch Phrase(s):
Hearing just one phrase over and over can get annoying. So it's better to have more than one.

How your character behaves and acts. It's kinda important so that others can imagine what the character's are like.

Physical Appearance:
Don't just say that he looks like someone. Try to go into detail. But to much detail will make the character hard for others to picture in their heads.

Items & Weapons:
Items can either heal, make you stronger or is a momento like a pendant. Weapons, well, you know what weapons are, as long as they don't do a one hit ko on each attack then that is fine.

Physical Techniques:
Punchs, kicks, the works. Just don't make them overpowered unless there is a reason or a draw back.

Now mostly I don't see any Vehicles in this section. That is because people rather like their character without a motorbike.

Theme song:
Music that represents your character.

Back Story: this is the part where all the problems are...the backstory, people make it short and not enough history in the character's past. If you want your character too have a good backstory, then start off when your character was a kid. Then say different story events as your going upwards.
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Guide for making a decent character sheet
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